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Q&A: How do I create more space in my cuing?

Q: How do we give students space between instructions? I'm finding this really hard, and feeling like I'm talking through the whole class. A: I am answering this as a chronic over-cuer, but I do hope to continue to improve my cueing skills to create more time and space for students to feel and inquire into their body/experience. The idea behind this more

Yoga Teaching Skills – Developing Your Own Cuing Style

Yoga Teaching Skills

Developing Your Own Cuing Style

I had an email from a teacher trainee this week with a concern that comes up quite regularly and is, I think, worthy of some further discussion. The concern was about how often, particularly as teachers in training, we find ourselves using the cues we hear our teachers saying. This might feel like ‘ more

New Dates 2022 Yoga Teacher Training Online

New Dates for

2022 Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Online

Yoga Alliance has confirmed that they are extending their Online Training Exemption through 2022, and Yoga Trinity programs have been approved.  That means I’m beginning to schedule dates for the next few Yoga Teacher Training programs. What’s up first are two online training options for more

Heather’s Fav Blogs, Podcasts & Resources 2021

An Updated List of Heather's Favourite Blogs, Podcasts and Resources to support your yoga practice, studies, and teaching:

  • Amy Matthews
  • Ariana Yoga & Beyond Podcast
  • Bliss and Grit Podcast
  • Cor Kinetic Blog more

Concession Pricing for Yogis in Lockdown

Concession Pricing for Yoga Teacher Training Programs for Yogis in Lockdown

Reminder that for the upcoming Adapted Online Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training our concession price is available to anyone with a concession card, and anyone who has lost work during the lockdowns.
Begin your online practice and more

Yes You Can Be a Yoga Teacher

I just have to get this off my chest. This is for any yoga teachers or teachers in training who are feeling like they aren’t good enough, or don’t know enough, or don’t have a ‘yoga body’ (whatever the heck that is), or aren’t spiritual enough, or won’t be as fluent with their cues, or can’t demonstrate the fancy asanas, or, in general, feel like an more

Yoga and Chronic Low Back Pain

What Am I Studying Right Now?

Yoga and Chronic Low Back Pain.

I’ve done two great webinars this week exploring chronic low back pain and movement. While I’m still integrating much of what I’ve learned, I wanted to jot down a few quick notes to share with you some of what’s new in movement applications for low back pain and some of the updates to more

Scholarship Applications Now Open

Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships Now Open

As we prepare for our next Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training I am continuing this years’ practice of doubling my scholarship offerings. There are two Fusion Scholarships available for our Oct-Dec Adapted Online Intensive.

Fusion Scholarship

The Fusion scholarship is a partial scholarship offering a 50% more

New Dates Thai Yoga Massage Online Trainings

New Thai Yoga Massage Online Dates!

What's New?

3-hour Taster Workshop and Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 Practitioner Training.  Learn a new skill or become a practitioner and begin a professional practice.

Thai Yoga Massage Taster Online

Sun Aug 22 9:00-12:00 AEST (Canbera, Melbourne, Sydney time)

Thai Yoga Massage Online News + Updates

Thai Yoga Massage Online News + Updates

Our Thai Yoga Massage Online Taster Went Better Than Expected!

I’ve been teaching Thai yoga massage practitioner training programs since 2008, but this was my first try at teaching online, and I was not sure how it was going to go.  But, to my happy surprise it went really well.  The participants learned so much, more

Sharing Touch in Yoga Classes

Sharing Touch and Massage in A Yoga or Movement Class

I love sharing some mini-massage treatments during relaxation at the end of a class. It’s such a lovely way to connect and share some mindfulness and meditation. But, in the past I’ve got about it in a very clumsy manner, with good intentions but not enough consideration. I am preparing to teach a Thai Yoga more