Mind Body Meditation Online Education

Online Meditation Training for Movement, Coaching, and Wellness Professionals

Key Details:

  • 12-hour Mind Body Meditation course for yoga and mind-body movement professionals.
  • Online and on-demand, begin anytime
  • Continuing Education Credits:  12 CEUs Yoga Alliance/YACEP, 12 CPDs Yoga Australia
  • Study online, or download and save your study materials and study offline. 

Study, practice, and learn to guide Mind Body Meditation Online.  This 12-hour continuing education program is designed for instructors, trainers, teachers, and coaches from all backgrounds who wish to share the benefits of guided relaxation, stress-management tools, and body-awareness techniques in their movement classes, coaching or training practice, and in the workplace.  

Learn to Teach Mind Body Meditation

Mind Body Meditation combines breathing, relaxation, awareness, visualization, and intention-setting in an embodied mindfulness practice that aims to support each practitioner in stress management, relaxation, mind-body awareness, self-regulation, and visualization skills.

Who Can Teach Mind Body Meditation?

Mind Body Meditation can be shared by fitness, yoga, or mind-body movement professionals, health and sports coaches, and in personal training or workplace wellness sessions.

Who Can Practice Mind Body Meditation?

Suited to the general population, this program offers a wide variety of techniques to meet a wide variety of participants. From yoga practitioners to performance athletes, in the workplace or the gym, this practice can be adapted to meet different levels of experience from beginners to experienced meditators. As a non-dogmatic, non-religious, trauma informed program Mind Body Meditation is suitable for people of all backgrounds.

Why Mind Body Meditation?

Mind Body Meditation can be used in any movement, workplace, sports, or health-coaching program to close a class or session, to enhance goal setting or stress management aims, for mental preparation or readiness, and to deeply relax. This practice complements a wide variety of movement, health, and workplace wellness programs by providing techniques to enhance focus, creativity, productivity, mental preparation, stress management, self-regulation skills, and of course relaxation.

Program Outline

This program offers a range of short guided techniques in breathwork, relaxation, awareness, visualization, and setting of aims and intentions. They can be used on their own as short meditation breaks, or combine techniques in a sequence for a longer, deeper meditation experience. Study areas include teaching skills, practice philosophy, ethics and scope of practice, risk management, the role of the teacher, and practice and teaching guidelines.

The Online Education Package includes:

  • A Comprehensive 60-page PDF Study Workbook
  • 12 Guided Audio Meditations
  • Practice and Teaching Logs
  • Program Assessment
  • Estimated Study, practice, practice teaching, and assessment time: 12 hours

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Cost: $120

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal – use any credit card safely and securely
  • Bank Transfer – Australia and Canada only
  • Wise Transfer – worldwide

How do I Order?

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Who Can Study Mind Body Meditation?

Movement Instructors, Personal Trainers, Coaches, Wellness Professionals

Can I Get CPDs/CECs for completing the program?

Yes, you can use this course to obtain CPDs to apply to your Yoga Alliance or Yoga Australia membership. If you belong to another yoga, fitness, or coaching organization, speak to them directly about using this program towards continuing education credits. 

  • YACEP/Yoga Alliance: 12 CPDs learn more
  • Yoga Australia Approved Professional Development: 12 CPDs learn more
Can I share Mind Body Meditation right away after this program?

If you are already a registered yoga, fitness or coaching professional yes you can teach right away, however do check with your professional insurance provider to ensure that you can share meditation under your current professional cover. 

If you do not carry professional certification/registration, I would recommend undertaking a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training or a certificate in coaching before you can teach professionally.  For details visit your national yoga, complementary therapy or coaching organization.

How is the Program Assessed?

A multiple-choice written assessment comes along with your program package.   

Are There Any Ongoing Fees?

No, there are no licensing fees or ongoing costs, no certification renewals required for this course.

Areas of Study
  • Technical Study: 5 Elements, 10 Techniques, Unlimited Sequencing Options
  • Teaching Skills: 10 Key Elements, Teaching Guidelines, Helpful Tools
  • Accessibility: Practice Guidelines, Referral Systems, Risk Management, Special Populations
  • Philosophy: Foundations of Mind Body Meditation, How We Teach, Code of Ethics.
  • Practice Teaching: Practice teaching each technique, practice sequencing  

Program Policies 

  • You have 24 months to complete your coursework – but we recommend completing the coursework, practice, and practice teaching within a 4-8 week period to ensure best learning and retention.
  • If you do not complete your coursework within the 24-month coursework period, you can purchase a 3-month coursework extension. 
  • Once your order is processed and training portal details have been provided, the program is non-refundable.
  • If a technical issue exists in any course materials, we are happy to resend your materials or provide alternative links.
  • If you choose not to complete the program, it may not be transferred to another person.
  • If a student does not complete the coursework with a passing grade of 80%, they are able to retake the assessment at any time.
  • Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of the course assessment.

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