Virtual Yoga Studio

Our new Virtual Yoga Studio will be a place where you can join us for live Zoom Vinyasa Flow Yoga  classes, or order and download pre-recorded yoga classes to add to your home practice.

Private Virtual Yoga Classes

virtual online private yoga classes

Join senior teacher Heather Agnew for online virtual yoga sessions to flow, stretch, strengthen, breathe, and deeply relax in your own time, at your own pace, in your own place.  

Enjoy customized private yoga sessions that can include movement, breathwork, meditation, and yoga philosophy.  Sessions are designed around your needs, goals, abilities, and aims.

Your sessions can include dynamic vinyasa flow, precise and focused core yoga, gentle and restorative yoga, guided relaxation, and some home-play to bring the benefits of your yoga practice into everyday life.

 Contact Us for details and to book your first session


  • Book 1 class for $60
  • Book 4 classes for $200

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How do I register?  Click here to book a single class or a block of classes.

Free Online Classes

new videos yoga classes yoga teaching youtube yoga Find some free online classes on our YouTube channel 

Recorded Classes

Download and save these pre-recorded classes to add to your home practice:

Vinyasa Flow Live Class – an all levels Vinyasa Flow class includes instruction on regressions, progressions, and props  Order Now

Core Yoga Live Class – all all levels Yoga/Pilates fusion class provides key basic instruction on alignment, muscle engagement, and breath Order Now

3-Class Packs

Virtual Yoga Class Pack 1 – three 90-minute virtual classes include a comprehensive Vinyasa Flow sequence with each class having a focus or theme: Hip & shoulder mobilizing, Adapted practice, and Easing into it. Order Now

 Virtual Yoga Class Pack 2 – three 90-minute virtual classes include a comprehensive Vinyasa Flow sequence with each class having a focus or theme: Child’s Pose warmup, Seated series variations, Focus on transitions. Order Now

Virtual Yoga Class Pack – Short Forms – three 30-40 minute virtual classes: Energizing Hands-Free Flow, Relaxing Legs Up the Wall, Dynamic Core Flow Order Now

Virtual Yoga Class Pack – 60-Minute Classes – three 60-min classes focused on Breath & Body, Hip Movements, Language of Movement. Order Now

Individual Classes

Virtual Yoga – Wall Salutations Class – 90-minute Adapted Vinyasa Flow – including Wall Salutations, shoulder, neck & hip stretches. Order Now

  Virtual Yoga – Legs Up the Wall Class – 40-minute restorative and relaxing  Legs Up the Wall sequence.  Order Now

Virtual Yoga – Ease Into It Class – 90-minute Vinyasa Flow class focusing on ‘easing into it’.  Flow then hold poses with accessible options.  Order Now 

Our Virtual Studio classes aim to support every body in enjoying a safe and enjoyable yoga practice, however if you have a medical condition that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity, including high blood pressure, heart condition, or a bone or joint problem, please see your doctor before participating in a yoga class.  Movement practices like yoga and Pilates do involve a risk of injury.  It’s an important part of the practice of yoga that you listen to your body, understand your own unique needs, and modify or withdraw from any activity that causes discomfort.