Virtual Yoga Coaching with Heather Agnew

Coaching sessions with Heather Agnew allow you to focus on your areas of interest, develop your practice or teaching skills, and address challenges or future goals in your practice, teaching, or yoga business.

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For Yoga Practitioners

Yoga coaching offers you an opportunity to develop your personal practice, have one-to-one support, explore areas of practice and study that will nourish your practice and expand your understanding of yoga asana, breathwork, philosophy, meditation, and anatomy.

    • You  might use your sessions to be guided through a yoga practice including breathwork, movement, and meditation
    • You might use your sessions to discuss questions, concerns, or challenges that are arising in your practice
    • You  might use your sessions to dive deeper into an area of yoga that interests you, including meditation, Ayurveda, energetic anatomy, or philosophy.
For Yoga Teachers
  • You might use your sessions to discuss challenges or directions for your yoga business
  • You  might use your sessions to discuss particular areas of study, including yoga asana, breathwork, meditation, anatomy, Ayurveda, or philosophy.
  • You might use your sessions to develop your teaching, class management, or student management skills and systems.
  • You might use your sessions to discuss directions for your practice, studies, teaching, and business.
  • Single Session: 90
  • 4 Session Pack: 300

payable by bank transfer or PayPal

Virtual Coaching Technology

Your sessions can take place on:

Virtual: using the Zoom platform, after scheduling your session you’ll receive an invitation into a private Zoom meeting.  This is the best choice if you want a video + audio session

Phone: If you prefer an audio-only session, you can schedule a phone call, audio Zoom session, or skype call

If you have questions about Virtual Coaching contact us to learn more.

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