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Virtual Yoga Coaching

Grow and flow with professional, practical, and values-based support.

We offer specialized coaching services tailored to meet the unique needs of yoga professionals and yoga business owners.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher looking to refine your teaching skills and strategies, or a yoga entrepreneur seeking to establish or expand your yoga business, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Through virtual coaching sessions you’ll receive personalized guidance to hone your teaching practice, identify areas for growth, and navigate challenges specific to your teaching practice or yoga business.

Step into a supportive, collaborative space designed exclusively for addressing your needs and goals. Together, we’ll navigate challenges and opportunities, brainstorm innovative ideas, streamline operations, and enhance your efforts in building, managing, and growing your yoga business.

Expect personalized guidance and actionable strategies tailored to move  forward with confidence and clarity.

With nearly three decades of experience as a full-time yoga business owner and coach, your dedicated yoga coach, senior trainer Heather Agnew, brings a wealth of expertise to focus directly on enhancing and nurturing your yoga business.

Let’s work together to grow your yoga business!

Explore Coaching Options:

Business Coaching Packages:

Yoga business coaching for teachers and small yoga businesses looking to develop, grow, and manage their yoga business. Whether you are a solopreneur just getting started, or an established yoga business looking to grow or diversify, have a supportive partner to help direct your focus, innovate new directions, and clear space for success.

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Professional Development Packages:

Professional coaching and support for yoga teachers seeking to develop their teaching skills and strategies, class management practices, and address challenges unique to a yoga teaching practice.

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Coaching Costs:

Sessions costs begin a $70/hour, but we can help you to choose a coaching package that best suits your needs, goals, and budget.

Learn More About Your Coach Heather Agnew

What do we do in Yoga Coaching For Yoga Teachers

  • You might use your sessions to discuss challenges or directions for your yoga business, including branding & marketing, communications, digital development, and client/student management strategies.
  • You  might use your sessions to discuss your professional development in a variety of areas of study, including yoga asana, breathwork, meditation, anatomy, Ayurveda, or philosophy.
  • You might use your sessions to develop your teaching, class management, or student management skills and systems.
  • You might use your sessions to discuss directions for your practice, studies, teaching, and business.

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Virtual Coaching Technology

Your sessions can take place on:

Virtual: using the Zoom platform, after scheduling your session you’ll receive an invitation into a private Zoom meeting.  This is the best choice if you want a video + audio session

Phone: If you prefer an audio-only session, you can schedule a phone call, audio Zoom session, or Skype call

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