Core Yoga Instructor Training

Core Yoga is a Yoga/Pilates fusion class that blends the energetic flow of yoga with the precision of modern Pilates to create a dynamic experience of mindful movement and meditation in motion. 

Core Yoga Programs include:

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Core Yoga Instructor Training 

In the Core Yoga training programs you will practice, study and learn to teach a full 75 minute Core Yoga class, blending the principles and techniques of yoga with the modern precision of Pilates.   

Core Yoga combines breath, awareness, core strengthening, and stretching techniques aimed at strengthening and mobilizing the body, focusing the mind, improving breathing and posture habits, and cultivating a practice of mindfulness in everyday life.

Core Yoga utilizes Vinyasas (flow) connecting elements to link together a sequence of movements to create a dynamic flow.

In the studio Core Yoga is our most popular class as students receive the benefits of both the mindful movement of yoga, as well as the core control and dynamic strengthening that the modern practice of Pilates offers. 

This course is suitable for yoga instructors, personal trainers, Pilates professionals, and anyone interested in diversifying their teaching and sharing the benefits of these two body/mind movement forms.

In this course you will learn:

  • The 5 Core Concepts
  • An introduction to the study and history of Yoga and Pilates
  • Anatomy for Core Yoga
  • Cuing, Correcting and Adjusting
  • The basics of posture assessment and modifications for special populations
  • The business of Core Yoga and the role of a teacher.


Heather Agnew is an internationally recognized master trainer/yoga educator with 25 years’ experience in yoga, fitness, Pilates, and many mind/body therapies.  Contact Heather at 0406 784 878

Further Study:

Opportunities for further study with Yoga Trinity including Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training, Postgraduate Yoga Teacher Training, Mind Body Meditation, Energetic Anatomy, Sequencing and Theming Yoga, Ayurveda & Yoga are available.  To express your interest in furthering your studies, please contact  or 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to the class?

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that moves easily with your body. Wear layers to keep you cool during practice, and warm during study hours. Bring note-taking materials (pen, paper), water bottle, lunch/snack.

Who can study Core Yoga Instructor Training?

This program is designed for yoga teachers, fitness instructors, personal trainers, or mind-body movement instructors wishing add Core Yoga techniques/flows to their existing classes, and/or add Core Yoga classes to their teaching practice.

Who can practice Core Yoga?

Core Yoga is a progressive practice that is accessible to generally fit participants of all ages and backgrounds, and can be a great introduction to further yoga study for students who find the practice of yoga inaccessible due to injuries/issues with low back or knee pain. For students with existing low-back or musculo-skeletal injuries medical clearance may be required. This is not a suitable practice for pre-natal students.

Is there any additional study?

Each day there is a short Q&A form to help you integrate the teachings of the day and receive feedback to enhance your practice and teaching. As well, your certificate will be complete once you submit a writing assignment on a subject pertaining to Core Yoga, and complete 5 documented teaching sessions.

Can I teach right away after this program?

If you are already a registered Yoga, Pilates or Fitness professional yes you can teach right away under your current professional cover. If you do not carry certification as a yoga or fitness professional, you will require a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga study or your Certificate 3 in Fitness before you can teach professionally.

Can I take this program by distance education or correspondence?

Yes you can, please visit our Distance Education Module page for details

Can I use this course towards my CPD’s or Upgrading my Yoga Membership?

Yes you can. This program has 35 contact hours and 15 non-contact hours which you can use for your Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance renewal CPDs. And, with Yoga Australia you can use these training credits to upgrade your membership from Provision to Full and beyond.

Can I use this course towards my Fitness Australia CEC’s?

The Core Yoga Online/Distance Education program offers 7 CECs. Simply submit your certificate of completion after the course to receive your CEC’s.
To learn more about Fitness Australia standards and CECs visit Fitness Australia

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