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Announcing New Online and Virtual Yoga Teacher Training Options

  Back in March of 2020 I had to quickly transition to virtual teaching and adapt yoga teacher training programs to an online format.  I admit I was skeptical at first, missing being in the room with students, unsure about how this would change the quality of my training, and my students more

Big News Coming Soon for Trinity Yoga Teacher Training!

I've spent the past few months asking a lot of questions, and soon I'll have some big news about our yoga teacher training options. Over the past few months Yoga Trinity achieved new credentialing levels, so along with those upgrades, I wanted to make some changes to our teacher training offerings to better more

How Do I Choose a Theme for a Yoga Class?

I received this question by DM the other day, and I'll hope to answer, but this is a huge question with different answers for each unique teacher! However,  I will try to share a few brief notes below to give you some ideas to start with: There are a wide variety of ideas and strategies for theming your classes that more

Sequencing and Theming Yoga Classes – A Balance of Planning and Adaptation

For me, sequencing has always been a balance between preparation and planning and then adapting in the moment. After years of trial and error, these days my aim is to strike a balance somewhere between inventing a class on the spot, and spending hours each week planning classes. I love more

Gardeners' DIY Hand Scrub

To get our hands clean and soft after the garden, I keep a jar of sugar scrub by the sink. It's a pretty simple recipe, keeps for along while, and is a nice treat after a stretch of weeding.


  • white sugar*
  • olive oil*
  • essential oil*


  1. I'm more

I had a great question this week from a recent yoga teacher training graduate about sequencing for her new classes, and it got me to thinking about how we sequence our own home practice each day, week, month, and year.  What informs our decisions about what to practice, when to practice, and how often we should do the same practice or how often we should change it up? more

There is not much that is more soothing than a belly rub, especially if you are suffering from anxiety, digestive or elimination problems, or stress. Our abdomen is a storehouse of emotions, tensions, and stress; so massaging the belly is a great way to soothe the emotional body, release held tension, and help improve digestion and elimination. Please note that because the more

There is an ongoing discussion in Yoga as to what temperature the room should be during practice.  Some students swear by their hot yoga practice, while others suffer in the heat.  Some students crave ventilation while others are wearing several layers.  Certainly in our Canberra winters it can be a challenge just to get to room up to ‘room temperature’.  And there are more

Lavender Hand Cleanser Recipe

This beautiful and fragrant salt scrub is ideal for soothing overworked hands and feet, or as a full body scrub.  The salt scrubs away dirt, callouses and dead skin cells to rejuvenate the skin, the oil soothes, moisturizes and protects, and  the lavender oil promotes relaxation.  Make it for yourself, or give as a gift in a beautiful jar with a few extra lavender stalks more