Sequencing and Theming Yoga Classes – A Balance of Planning and Adaptation

For me, sequencing has always been a balance between preparation and planning and then adapting in the moment.

After years of trial and error, these days my aim is to strike a balance somewhere between inventing a class on the spot, and spending hours each week planning classes.

I love the idea of intentional design – having a vision of the theme and sequence coming together in an integrative, holistic experience. But sometimes you plan an amazing class, but when the students arrive you realize it’s not the right class for them, so you need to be able to adjust in the moment.

Over the 25 or so years of teaching yoga, I’ve come up with a few strategies that have helped me to walk that balance comfortably, beginning with a strong basic structure, and then I’ve got some strategies and approaches that allow me to bring creativity, curiosity, and innovation into my classes without reinventing the wheel with every class.

This is what the new Yoga Sequencing and Theming course is all about – offering you those strategies for your own teaching – guiding you to develop a strong foundation for your classes and then exploring heaps of ideas for program design, sequencing, and theming.

If you are a planner, this course will give you a variety of approaches to planning intentional, consistent, creative classes.

If you are more inclined to wing it, this course will help you to build a strong outline that you can ‘colour in’ with innovations and creative ideas.

If you’d like to read more about the Sequencing and Theming course, you can find some details here

For now, maybe take some time to think about your teaching practice and the successful strategies you already have that support and inspire your sequencing and theming.

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