20% Off Online Courses Extended

20% Off All Online or Distance Education Courses

Extended to Jan 20, 2020

  I've had a few requests from folks who didn't have time to place their orders before our 20% OFF coupon expired, so I've extended it to Jan 20! If you are looking to;
  • explore yoga-based movement practices like Vinyasa Flow, Core Yoga, Sun Salutations or Mind Bod..read more

20% Off Mind Body Meditation

20% Off Mind Body Meditation Online Education

Save 20% this month on Mind Body Meditation Online Education study.  This 12 CPD continuing education program is open to yoga teachers, fitness professionals, and coaches of all types who wish to share meditation, visualization, self-regulation, and relaxation skills with their clients, students, or participants. Use c..read more

Arts and Crafts and Yoga

I’ve recently had a Canadian visitor for a few weeks, and we got up to lots of fun travelling, exploring, wine tasting, and learning some arts and crafts.  It was a great way to connect and have some fun while she was in town, especially because she is very creative; a natural artist who is studying art in school.  I really admire her creativity.  I’ve always been in awe..read more

On Work and Rest – Olympic Observations

I’ve been watching a lot of the Olympics the past few days and, like you perhaps, have been thinking about how much hard work, how many years of training, practice, competition, and mental preparation each athlete endures in order to perform at the highest levels of their sport.  But, what we might not realize is that just as much as their success is due to work, it is also..read more

DIY Eye Pillows

Eye pillows are a wonderful way to enhance your meditation. They reduce sensory stimulation, relax the tense muscles around the eyes and face, and promote deep relaxation. I use mine for meditation, Savasana, and nana-naps on bright, sunny days. But, for eye safety and hygiene it is best to have your own eye pillow to keep at home, or take to yoga class. For a pillow that is ea..read more

The Four Virtues

This past weekend in our Canberra Yoga Teacher Training program we took some time to explore some of the philosophies of yoga in the essential text, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Each time I read, study, or share the teachings of the Yoga Sutras I feel as though I am renewing a friendship - the Sutras have been a guide, support, and source of inspiration through my yoga journey..read more

Foundations of Yoga – Yama and Niyama

Download Free Practice Cards... We have just celebrated the graduation of our most recent group of Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teachers and one of the areas of study in our program is the foundations of Yoga established in the Yoga Sutras, an ancient text which provides a framework and logical progression for the practice of Yoga. When I first studied the Yamas and Niyamas the new ..read more

The Three Part Breath – Includes Free Podcast

Yoga Breathing

Also known as the Yogic Breath,  this technique helps to relax the abdomen, a place where we tend to hold a lot of tension and anxiety, and improve breathing patterns to utilize the whole of our lung capacity.  A great practice to prepare for meditation or yoga, to soothe a racing mind, or to come back to relaxed breathing after a long session at the computer..read more

I Wish Discipline Was My Friend

Spring is fast approaching in Australia, and after weeks of putting it off, I finally got around to cleaning out the bulging shelves of my book collection. Eager to sort out what needed to be tossed and what needed to be passed on, I cleverly decided on three piles; one for keeps, one for giveaways and the other a sort of ’in limbo’ pile that required further consideration,..read more

All the Me’s Inside of Me

I wonder about myself sometimes. Occasionally I hear these audacious statements coming out of my mouth, and I wonder… I look in my closet at some of the fashion disasters that I have brought home from the mall, and I wonder… I look down and realize that I ate the whole thing, and I wonder… Who is running the show here? Driving back from yoga class recently, I got caught i..read more

The Power of Observation

Recently while taking a break at a shopping mall, I witnessed an energetic toddler running rampant amongst the lower shelves of a bookshop. Leaving a trail of destruction behind him, he raced ahead like a runaway train. For most inquisitive toddlers the sensory experience must have been amazing. Though much to the relief of the shop assistant, it was short lived, as Mum was ..read more