Make Your Own DIY Eye Pillows for Yoga, Relaxation, and Meditation

Eye pillows can be a wonderful addition to your meditation routine, providing a tangible aid in reducing sensory stimulation, easing tension around the eyes and face, and fostering a deeper sense of relaxation.  Below find step-by-step instructions on how to make your own.

Notes on Eye Pillows

For eye safety and hygiene it’s best to have your own eye pillow for practice at home, or to take to yoga class. If you are a teacher, having washable eye pillows for your students can be a great addition to your teaching toolbox.

It only takes about 10 minutes to make an eye pillow, and if a trip to the fabric store doesn’t sound relaxing to you, you can make your eye pillow out of stuff you can find around the house.

For the fabric you can cut up an old pillowcase or t-shirt, and to provide that soothing density that we love in an eye pillow you can use flax, rice, lentils, or other dry goods in the pantry.  I’ve given you the measurements I used in my eye pillows, but I made them up, so you can make up your own measurements too!

Materials Needed:

  • 25 x 25cm square of calico or similar fabric for the eye pillow
  • 16 x 54cm length of fabric for the washable cover
  • 240 grams of flax seeds (or rice, lentils, etc.)

Making the Eye Pillow Insert:

  • Begin with a 10 x 10cm square of calico or a similar fabric.
  • Sew one short end and one long end, then turn it inside out.
  • Fill the pouch with approximately 240 grams of flax seeds (or your preferred dry goods).
  • Fold in the top edges to create a small hem and stitch to seal the top, completing your eye pillow insert.
  • Note: Ensure your stitches are tight, whether you use a machine or hand-stitching, to prevent the filling from escaping.

make your own eye pillows pinning the cover

Making the Eye Pillow Cover:

  • Choose a fabric for the washable cover, such as cotton, bamboo, silky material, or faux-suede.
  • Cut a 16cm x 54cm strip for the cover.
  • With the fabric face-down, fold the short ends over and stitch a 1cm hem on both ends.
  • Turn the fabric face-up, fold the short ends towards the middle, with one end overlapping the other. Pin the sides and sew the long edges together.
  • Turn the fabric right-side out through the gap in the middle and smooth out the corners.
  • Insert the eye pillow into the cover and voila!

Note: Optionally, add a drop or two of essential oil to the eye pillow insert, ensuring it’s on the side facing away from the eyes to prevent any potential irritation.

The finished product!

make your own eye pillows the finished product

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