Hand and Wrist Yoga Flow

Gentle Stretches and Soothing Self Care for Your Hands

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVujzuqQoQ8[/embedyt] Hello Yogis, get ready for some soothing self care for your hands and wrists! In this 14-minute video we share a gentle yoga flow designed specifically for easing out the tension in your wrists, hands, and fing..read more
10-Minute Super Sweet Self-Massage Yoga Flow for Face | Relaxation & Self-Care Routine

10-Minute Super Sweet Self-Massage Yoga Flow for Face

Gentle Yoga Relaxation & Self-Care Routine

In this 10-minute video we share a super sweet self-massage flow designed specifically for easing out the tension in your face and head. Follow the video below, or order and download a free video to save to your devices ..read more
Relaxation props for hands

Relaxation Props for Hands: Soothe Tension and Relax Your Hard-Working Hands

-with Senior Yoga Teacher Heather Agnew [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8CnpkOEvtE[/embedyt] The other day I did a video about identifying what distracts you in your meditation practice, and what props or tools might help reduce those dist..read more
make your own eye pillows for yoga meditation relaxation

Make Your Own DIY Eye Pillows for Yoga, Relaxation, and Meditation

Eye pillows can be a wonderful addition to your meditation routine, providing a tangible aid in reducing sensory stimulation, easing tension around the eyes and face, and fostering a deeper sense of relaxation.  Below find step-by-step instructions on how to make your own. [embedyt] https://www.you..read more
Back pain and my grandma's cane

Musings on Back Pain and My Grandma's Cane

Hello Friends, As many of you know I had a back pain flare up this past month, and had to limit my time at my desk. My injury meant that I didn't send out a newsletter last month, so the news has piled up a bit!  Below I have some updates on Gawler & Canberra workshops and some new videos and blog posts that I hope yo..read more

Long Covid and Yoga

Podcast Excerpt and Transcript

Listen in to an excerpt from a recent group coaching discussion with lead trainer Heather Agnew and yoga teachers-in-training on how to adapt our yoga classes to make them safer and more accessible for students returning from illness and experiencing long Covid symptoms.
Listen Now:
  [s3a..read more

What Am I Studying Right Now?

Yoga and Chronic Low Back Pain.

I’ve done two great webinars this week exploring chronic low back pain and movement. While I’m still integrating much of what I’ve learned, I wanted to jot down a few quick notes to share with you some of what’s new in movement applications for low back pain and some of the updates to rese..read more

Thai Yoga Massage Online News + Updates

Our Thai Yoga Massage Online Taster Went Better Than Expected!

I’ve been teaching Thai yoga massage practitioner training programs since 2008, but this was my first try at teaching online, and I was not sure how it was going to go.  But, to my happy surprise it went really well.  The participants learned so much, t..read more

Sharing Touch and Massage in A Yoga or Movement Class

I love sharing some mini-massage treatments during relaxation at the end of a class. It’s such a lovely way to connect and share some mindfulness and meditation. But, in the past I’ve got about it in a very clumsy manner, with good intentions but not enough consideration. I am preparing to teach a ..read more

8 Ways a Hand Towel Can Support Your Yoga Practice

A simple tool for your mind-body movement practice

Props are a great way to support and enhance your practice, but props can be costly, especially if you are buying for a whole class.  As a teacher, lugging around bricks, bolsters, straps, mats, and blankets can get tiresome, fill up your car, and, keeping ..read more

Thanks for all your good wishes prior to my recent surgery.  My leg is healing very well, and my lungs are…well getting there I suppose.  The big news is that I’ll be starting back to weight bearing in a few days!  After more than 4 months on crutches, my big job is maintaining reasonable expectations as I return to activity (I'm just so darned excited!).  ‘Easy does ..read more

finding comfort in child's pose with props, variations and accessible yoga options

Practicing and Teaching Yoga - Child's Pose

Finding Comfort in Child's Pose

I’ve been part of a few discussions on Child’s Pose lately, had some questions from Grads, and heard some key feedback on teaching, propping, and adjusting Child’s Pose. I’ve jotted down a few notes myself, but would love to hear from other practitioners and teachers on how y..read more