This Thai Yoga Massage technique  is really easy to give and is most delicious to receive.  The technique involves walking on your receivers feet, and it brings relaxation to the whole body.  To begin, have your receiver lying face down on a soft but stable surface like a few yoga mats or blankets, with both of you either in socks or bare feet.  Set their feet shoulder width apart with toes turned in comfortably.  Stand up at their feet, facing your receiver’s head, and begin by rocking side to side transferring your weight from one foot to the other.  This is called the Bamboo Rock.  Once you’ve gotten the hang of rocking, walk onto your receiver’s feet.  Start with toes on toes, and then walk up the feet as you keep rocking.  You can walk anywhere on the foot except the heel, and be aware that the ball of foot near the big toe can be sensitive so be sure to spread your pressure out across the foot when you walk there.  Rock and walk for as long as you like, and then walk off the feet.  And if you’re lucky, your receiver will give you a turn to receive.

Who Can You Sole Walk?  You can use Sole Walk on anyone with relatively healthy feet, and who is not too much smaller than you.  Feet can take a lot of pressure, but if you outweigh your receiver by a great deal be sure to keep talking when you first get started, and if they experience discomfort then discontinue.

What I Love About Sole Walk: It’s one of the easiest techniques to give, and one of the most wonderful to receive.  The feet carry a map of the whole body, so when you work on the feet, you are working on the whole being.  And when the feet are happy, the whole body is happy.

Want More?  If you are feeling comfortable giving the Sole Walk and your receiver wants more, try using some Monkey Toe Magic.  Use your toes to massage the feet while you keep rocking. It helps to curl your fingers the way you want your toes to curl.  Fingers and toes are connected in the brain, so whatever you do with your fingers will help your toes.
Happy Sole Walking!

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