Choosing your home yoga practice (video)

  [embedyt][/embedyt]   When it comes to making choices about your home yoga or movement practice, it’s good to start with some kind of foundation – the 6 movements of the spine warm up, or some form of sun salutations.  And, after that, I think it’s useful more

Tips for Sharing Yoga Philosophy in Your Classes

Listen in to a short introduction to a recent discussion I shared with yoga teachers and teachers-in-training on how you might approach sharing yoga philosophy in your classes. Listen Now: [s3audio s3url="Sharing Yoga Philosophy Sep 2022.mp3" /]   Or read a few notes from the Philosophy Club chat: more

Dear Yoga Teacher,

You don't have to know everything.

Don't be afraid to say more

Expose yourself to ideas outside your lineage

Seek out a variety of yoga styles, philosophies, teachers, and environments Seek out resources, viewpoints, and practices outside of your usual range It won’t all resonate, but it’s wonderful to nurture curiosity about yoga in all its forms Exposure to a wider range of yoga forms and philosophies can reduce more

Finding Balance in Yoga/Work/Life/Study/Practice

In a recent group coaching session with yoga teachers and teachers-in-training we talked about the work/study/life/practice balance for yoga teachers, establishing boundaries, and the art of saying no. You can listen to my intro to that discussion here: [s3audio s3url="Work Life Yoga Balance.mp3" /] Or... more

Cues to Retire: Yoga Teaching Skills, Strategies and Philosophy

Listen in or read my intro notes from a recent group yoga coaching session for yoga teachers where we explore cues and alignment ideas to consider retiring
  Download and listen on the go: [s3file s3url="Cues to Retire 25 min May 25 2022.mp3" ]Download Cues to Retire Podcast[/s3file] more

Responding to Tricky Yoga Student Situations

Responding to tricky student situations as a yoga teacher can be challenging. We can often feel unprepared or lack resources to deal with conflicts in class or challenges in student management. It’s useful to consider your guidelines, boundaries, and how you will respond more

How Do I Choose a Theme for a Yoga Class?

I received this question by DM the other day, and I'll hope to answer, but this is a huge question with different answers for each unique teacher! However,  I will try to share a few brief notes below to give you some ideas to start with: There are a wide variety of ideas and strategies for theming your classes that more

Facing Our Fears

What if someone walks out of your yoga class?
  We talked about this the other day briefly in our YTT group coaching session, and I thought I’d share a few notes from that discussion. For yoga teachers, or any teachers I suppose, the fear of people walking out can be a source of anxiety before it even happens (it might never more

Past Present and Future – Life as a Yoga Business Owner
  It’s been a tough week to stay present and not spiral into despair.  There is a lot going on in the world that is hard to sit with. So, I did what I always do when I need to be talked down from catastrophizing, I called my mom. She knows me well and knows that I often need reminding to try to more

Ever Wondered What We Talk About in Yoga Teacher Training?

I’m in the midst of a yoga teacher training right now, and thought I’d share a few of the helpful teaching strategies and mantras we’ve talked about.  Scroll down for a few of the conversations we've had recently, including:

Worrying about what other people think of you is a faucet you can turn off anytime.

This comes from a conversation I had with a teacher trainee this week in relation to two of the Yamas (guidelines for social conduct), Brahmacharya and Asteya (energy management, non-stealing). In discussing this, I noticed that I had a LOT of thoughts. Part of my strong response more