winter solstice, a time of contemplation and appreciation

Winter Solstice

A time of contemplation and appreciation.

As we embrace the winter solstice those of us in the northern hemisphere are transitioning into a period of repose. Traditionally marked by learning, storytelling, and reflection, the lengthening nights and colder temperatures gently nudge us towards the warmth of indoor spaces. Flowing with this more
What does yoga mean to me. How do you define yoga

What does yoga mean to me?  How do you define yoga?  What brings your students to yoga?

Video + Transcript with Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer. Watch the discussion video, or read a few discussion notes below.   [embedyt][/embedyt] more

Back pain and my grandma's cane

Musings on Back Pain and My Grandma's Cane

Hello Friends, As many of you know I had a back pain flare up this past month, and had to limit my time at my desk. My injury meant that I didn't send out a newsletter last month, so the news has piled up a bit!  Below I have some updates on Gawler & Canberra workshops and some new videos and blog posts that I hope more
Rainy Days and Aging Bodies

Thoughts on Appreciating Rainy Days and Aging Bodies

On this tranquil, rainy Saturday afternoon, I find myself reminiscing about how my perception of rainy days has undergone a profound transformation since my move to Australia 20 years ago. Back then, during the midst of a drought, I quickly learned to cherish every raindrop as a lifeline to the parched earth, more
how to open and close a yoga class

How to Open and Close a Yoga Class

with Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer Watch a 40-minute clip of a yoga coaching discussion on practical strategies for opening and closing your yoga classes. Follow the video, or read a few notes below.   [embedyt][/embedyt]    

Opening more

truthful and compassionate communication yoga philosophy in modern life video

Truthful and Compassionate Communication

Yoga Philosophy in Modern Life

with Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer Watch a 40-minute clip of a yoga philosophy discussion on practical strategies for bringing yoga philosophy into modern life with truthful and compassionate communication. Follow the video, or read a more

Creating a Social Media Core Strategy For Yoga Teachers: Connecting and Elevating Yoga Online

by: Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer, Yoga Trinity Social media has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect and engage with others on a more

What Do You Learn in Yoga Teacher Training?

Have you ever wondered what you learn in yoga teacher training?

Here are a few key areas of study that we explore in the Yoga Trinity Yoga Teacher Training program:
  • How yoga has evolved from its origins in India to become what we know now as modern postural yoga.
  • How yoga philosophy can more

What Happens to your Yoga Practice When You Begin to Teach Yoga?

While the transition from yoga student to yoga teacher is a delight in so many ways, there can be some downsides. Depending on how much you teach, those downsides might include the loss or disruption to their own practice, repetitive strain, burnout, or your practice becoming a place to strategize for more

Practicing Equanimity at Winter’s End

It snowed again today when I hoped for signs of spring, and I was all set to get grumpy about it and shift into (madness) complaints after such a long winter but decided instead to take some time to explore my mindset and apply some yoga philosophy to my lifelong habit of arguing with the weather. This is likely (oh please!) more

Discussion Excerpt: Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Yoga Mat (Video/Audio)

On Keeping Your Eyes on Your Own Yoga Mat – Discussion for Yoga Students and Teachers

Watch or listen to an excerpt of a yoga coaching discussion, or scroll down for a few transcript notes exploring the instruction to 'keep your eyes on your own yoga mat' with senior trainer Heather more

What Does Groundhog Day Have to Do With Yoga Philosophy?

Groundhog Day and the Bhagavad Gita

That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's...GROUNDHOG DAY! Today we celebrate the prognosticator of prognosticators, the groundhog, and every year on Feb 2 I like to rewatch one of my favorite metaphysical movies, Groundhog Day. If you haven’t seen this movie more