Practicing Equanimity at Winter’s End

It snowed again today when I hoped for signs of spring, and I was all set to get grumpy about it and shift into (madness) complaints after such a long winter but decided instead to take some time to explore my mindset and apply some yoga philosophy to my lifelong habit of arguing with the weather. This is likely (oh please!) more

Discussion Excerpt: Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Yoga Mat (Video/Audio)

On Keeping Your Eyes on Your Own Yoga Mat – Discussion for Yoga Students and Teachers

Watch or listen to an excerpt of a yoga coaching discussion, or scroll down for a few transcript notes exploring the instruction to 'keep your eyes on your own yoga mat' with senior trainer Heather more

What Does Groundhog Day Have to Do With Yoga Philosophy?

Groundhog Day and the Bhagavad Gita

That's right, woodchuck-chuckers - it's...GROUNDHOG DAY! Today we celebrate the prognosticator of prognosticators, the groundhog, and every year on Feb 2 I like to rewatch one of my favorite metaphysical movies, Groundhog Day. If you haven’t seen this movie more

What's Trending in Yoga?  Accessibility!

Watch a short video with E-RYT500 and senior teacher Heather Agnew on why accessibility in yoga is a most hopeful trend. [embedyt][/embedyt]   What trends do I see in yoga right now? For me, the biggest and most hopeful trend is accessibility. Making yoga more more

Free 8 Limbs of Yoga Poster

Download, print, save, and share this PDF infographic yoga poster outlining the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga to inspire your practice and studies. The 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, first outlined in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali over 2,000 years ago, guide us through a logical framework of lifestyle strategies, movement, breathwork, and more

What Kind of People Take Yoga Teacher Training? (video)

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What kind of people take yoga teacher training?

We’ve got a yoga teacher training coming up soon in Adelaide and that means I’m answering more

Sequencing and Theming Yoga Classes Around Transitions (video)

[embedyt][/embedyt] Something I’ve been interested in this past week is how we can make transitions an opportunity for greater conscious awareness in our practice and in our lives. We have all sorts of transitions in life, from childhood to adulthood, more

Transitioning from yoga student to yoga teacher (video) [embedyt][/embedyt] One of the cool things about the transition from yoga student to yoga teacher is starting to experience yoga through other people’s bodies and minds. When you begin practicing yoga your focus is on your own direct experience – what the poses feel more

Choosing your home yoga practice (video)

  [embedyt][/embedyt]   When it comes to making choices about your home yoga or movement practice, it’s good to start with some kind of foundation – the 6 movements of the spine warm up, or some form of sun salutations.  And, after that, I think it’s useful more

Tips for Sharing Yoga Philosophy in Your Classes

Listen in to a short introduction to a recent discussion I shared with yoga teachers and teachers-in-training on how you might approach sharing yoga philosophy in your classes. Listen Now: [s3audio s3url="Sharing Yoga Philosophy Sep 2022.mp3" /]   Or read a few notes from the Philosophy Club chat: more

Dear Yoga Teacher,

You don't have to know everything.

Don't be afraid to say more

Expose yourself to ideas outside your lineage

Seek out a variety of yoga styles, philosophies, teachers, and environments Seek out resources, viewpoints, and practices outside of your usual range It won’t all resonate, but it’s wonderful to nurture curiosity about yoga in all its forms Exposure to a wider range of yoga forms and philosophies can reduce more