Thoughts on Appreciating Rainy Days and Aging Bodies

On this tranquil, rainy Saturday afternoon, I find myself reminiscing about how my perception of rainy days has undergone a profound transformation since my move to Australia 20 years ago. Back then, during the midst of a drought, I quickly learned to cherish every raindrop as a lifeline to the parched earth, filling the dams, nourishing the gardens, and, for a moment, relieving some of our water-related anxiety.

This shift in mindset has taught me an invaluable lesson about my relationship with things beyond my control—much like the weather, my attitude towards my aging body can be complicated. As I approach my fiftieth birthday, I find myself sometimes wishing for a ‘sunnier day’ in a body with less pain, more energy, fewer wrinkles.  Perhaps I can I draw inspiration from how I learned to celebrate rainy days, learning to appreciate the gift of aging, and seeing the beauty and purpose in the simple act of caring for my body the way the rain nourishes the earth.

It’s not easy, I don’t take the rain as personally as I take my aches and pains.  But I’d like to learn to embrace the natural progression of life and my aging body, recognizing that it too deserves kindness and care. Though it’s a more personal journey, nurturing my well-being is essential to my happiness, just as water is vital for life. In these last few months of my forties, I hope to shift my attitude towards aging, welcoming it as a part of life’s natural rhythm and an opportunity for wisdom and growth.

So, as the raindrops continue their dance outside my window, I’m reminded to cherish life’s ever-changing seasons, both external and internal. Like the rain that nourishes the land, I will appreciate the gift of my aging body, for it carries the story of my journey, and that, in itself, is a reason to celebrate.

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