Winter Solstice

A time of contemplation and appreciation.

As we embrace the winter solstice those of us in the northern hemisphere are transitioning into a period of repose. Traditionally marked by learning, storytelling, and reflection, the lengthening nights and colder temperatures gently nudge us towards the warmth of indoor spaces. Flowing with this natural rhythm, I am eager to delve into extended moments of reading, studying, and introspection.

Approaching the impending new year, I find solace in dedicating this time to contemplate my journey—from where I’ve started, to where I currently stand, and the path I envision moving forward. The notion of consciously stepping into the new year, having assessed the highs and lows of the previous year, inspires me to formulate thoughtful plans—focusing on those aspects that are within my control. Yet, it’s not just about the plans; it’s about the emotions I seek to cultivate, the way I navigate through the coming months, and how I contribute to the world around me.

Despite the challenges that have marked this year, there remain elements for which I am profoundly grateful:

• A secure and comforting home, serving as both a living and working sanctuary.
• The ability to virtually share the practice of yoga with wonderful individuals worldwide.
• A dedicated space for personal practice, whether it involves my yoga mat, the elliptical, or surrendering to deep rest in a nest of bolsters and blankets.

With a deliberate shift towards acknowledging what I can accomplish, rather than dwelling on my limitations, my aspiration is to usher in the coming year with creativity, meaningful contributions, and the embrace of positive experiences.

Regardless of the twists and turns the year may take, armed with moments of reflection and creation, my hope is to persist in crafting safe, inclusive, and joy-filled opportunities for movement, study, and meditation. And I look forward to hearing how you all are planning for your next year of yoga life!

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