How Do I Choose a Theme for a Yoga Class?

I received this question by DM the other day, and I’ll hope to answer, but this is a huge question with different answers for each unique teacher!

However,  I will try to share a few brief notes below to give you some ideas to start with:

There are a wide variety of ideas and strategies for theming your classes that will depend on a few key factors:

  • Your students: their needs, goals, aims for yoga, specific needs (cultural, faith, trauma sensitivity)
  • The environment: studio, gym, sports club, corporate, online
  • The style of practice
Your themes can be oriented around:
  • Philosophy: a selection from a yoga text, the meaning behind a mantra, symbol, or concept in yoga
  • Reading: poetry, song lyrics, quote
  • Anatomy: an interesting body part or movement
  • Peak Pose: working towards a new or more complex pose
  • Seasonal: spring renewal, winter warming, full moon
  • Elements: grounding earth, flowing water, warming fire
  • Energetic Anatomy: bodies, sheaths, chakras, nadis
Once you’ve chosen your theme:
  • Build your class around your theme: what poses, pace, sequence, meditation, breathwork will support an exploration of your theme?
  • Consider how much will you speak to your theme and when?
  • How will you invite students to take that theme out into their day?

Get curious about your authentic theming style. If you aren’t sure what theme to begin with, choose a theme that is invitational, accessible, and relevant to your students.

If you don’t know, ask!

Engage your students in coming up with themes for classes and get creative together as a community.

I hope these quick tips are helpful.

If you want to explore theming and sequencing for yoga classes, check out the post-graduate online yoga  course Theming and Sequencing for Yoga

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