Gardeners’ DIY Hand Scrub

To get our hands clean and soft after the garden, I keep a jar of sugar scrub by the sink. It’s a pretty simple recipe, keeps for along while, and is a nice treat after a stretch of weeding.


  • white sugar*
  • olive oil*
  • essential oil*


  1. I’m pretty casual with measurements. I usually start out with 2/3 sugar to 1/3 oil, then about 10 drops of any essential oil, like tea tree.
  2. If your mixture is too loose add sugar, if it’s too dry add oil.
  3. Mix in the jar, keep a small spoon or scoop nearby. And make sure your jar has a lid.
  4. Wet your hands, add a little bit of scrub, smoosh it around as vigorously as you need, then rinse and wash your hands with soap.

*if you don’t have sugar you can use salt but it’s much coarser and can be a bit hard on your hands so scrub gently
*you can play with different oils if you like.  If you don’t have essential oils, no worries you can enjoy an unscented scrub.
*be aware of which essential oils are photosensitive if you are heading back into the sun.

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