Celebrating 18 Years of Yoga Teacher Training!

Today marks a special milestone as we celebrate the anniversary of our very first yoga teacher training graduating class with lead trainer Heather Agnew of Yoga Trinity.

18 years ago, a group of brave and dedicated yogis joined us on a great adventure and began their own journey in teaching yoga.

From that moment on, their light has continued to shine brightly, touching the lives of countless people around the world.

To our pioneering graduates, thank you for being the foundation of our yoga community. You were so courageous to spend a month with us practicing, studying, and teaching yoga! You were there at the start of a great adventure, and I will never forget all that we shared together.

To all of our amazing graduates: Your dedication, passion, and commitment to the practice have paved the way for so many folks to find inspiration, connection, and wellbeing through yoga.

It’s been an incredible journey filled with growth, transformation, and endless learning. From our first foray into yoga teacher training (a month-long retreat – what was I thinking!?!) to the lovely, supportive community we are today, I am profoundly grateful to each and every one of our grads who began their teaching journey with us.

As we celebrate this milestone, let us honor the wisdom gained, the friendships forged, and the countless lives touched along the way.

Here’s to many more years of growth and learning, and many more yoga adventures together!

Note: no pics to share because we didn’t have cameras in our phones back then kids!

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