Yoga Biz Tips #6

Yoga Biz Tips #6 This month's tips come from new yoga teacher Gen who has just shared some great insights from her first 6 months as a yoga teacher: Some things I have learnt from this journey:

  • Always oversubscribe classes because you will never have a 100 per cent turn out (ie: 50 inquiries = 15 registered students)
  • When you advertise a class as a more

Win a Free ‘Take a Vinyasa’ Tank or Tee

Our Vinyasa Flow DVD launch inspired me to create a new yoga tank, and I want to give some away!  I will have a draw for a free tank or tee (sizes xs to xl) this month on facebook - so head on over to the Yoga Trinity Facebook Page and enter for a chance to win! more

Salted Caramel Brownies

My new favorite raw, vegan, gluten free treat - and sure to be my new go-to yogi potluck dish!  Three simple steps to three delish layers of goodness.  Seriously - you gotta try these...

Base Layer
  • 2 1/2 cups walnuts
  • 3 cups Medjool dates
  • 1/2 cup raw cacao
  1. Blend dry ingredients more

Stay Informed – Stay Safe

New graduates are often (mistakenly) overlooked when it comes to how we conduct our yoga or mind-body businesses.  They don't have enough experience, we might assume, to know how to go about running a business.  But, I was recently reminded by a new grad that fresh eyes can sometimes see places in our systems that could use an upgrade. In fact, more

Vinyasa Flow Distance Education – Now Available

The new Trinity Vinyasa Flow Distance Education training program is now available! Study, practice, and learn to teach Vinyasa Flow with a 35 hour at-home or online study course.  Suitable for yoga teachers, fitness professionals, or mind-body movement instructors who wish to share this dynamic practice, upgrade their skills, and earn CECs. Vinyasa Flow is a mind-body more

Check Out Triangle Pose

This month I share a free streaming video of Triangle Pose from the new Vinyasa Flow Pose-by-Pose study DVD.  Explore some ideas on alignment, props, progressions and regressions, key areas of focus, cues and refinements.  Stream your Triangle Pose Video free more

3-2-1 Ready to Launch

I am so pleased to announce that the new Vinyasa Flow DVD is ready to launch! Our launch will take place on Sunday June 28 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Belconnen Arts Centre.  You are all invited to join us to view and celebrate, and save on your own copy of the new DVD.  Click here to register, and you will receive a coupon to save $10 on your pre-ordered DVD. Space is more

Sometimes Yoga Sneaks Up On You

This month the Mind Body Messenger is a few weeks late as I have had a hard drive crash on my system,  the repairs weren't finished before had to head out of town for a week to teach, and then on my way home my luggage was lost.  Sounds like a crisis, and usually I would be feeling like the world was against me, but instead I’ve had the pleasure to discover that yoga has more

Vinyasa Flow DVDs Coming Soon

Yesterday I received the Vinyasa Flow Live Class DVD videos (woo hoo!) and today they are off to the printer and this project is almost ready to launch. Here's a sample of what the Vinyasa Flow Live Class will look like...stay tuned for details of our launch party and more! more

Yoga Biz Tips May 2015

Yoga Biz Tips # 3: 

Get to know yourself - make this a priority in your journey in business.  The better you know yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, skills and abilities, the better able you will be to manage, promote and grow your business - more

Baba Ghanoush

I'm not usually a big eggplant fan, but baba ghanoush is one of my favorite dips, and we often make it a meal with some homemade pita bread, hummus, olives, tabouli, and some raw veggies.  Great for dipping, spreading on toast, or on its own.  If you haven't tried making your own Baba Ganoush yet, give this recipe a go - it is simple, quick, and delicious. Ingredients: < more

Congratulations Adelaide YTT Grads

Congratulations to our newest Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructors who graduated our Adelaide training this year.  They are all heading back to their communities, from Adelaide to Nihll, to share their light and their love of yoga with their communities.  Please join me in congratulating: Roz Hill, Simone Higgins, Daniela Figueroa, Danielle Paphitis, Elisa Franklin, Rosemary Wallis, more