Download Free Aims Cards

To start this New Year, I thought I’d share with you some Aims Cards that I made for my own practice.

A few months ago in a post I did on What Do Beginning Yoga Students Need, and one of my thoughts on that is to understand why students are coming to class. Aims Cards are a great way to do that, to understand what your students intend to experience in class, and take away from class. And, this might be something to add to your own practice too – offering a focus, theme, or intention for each practice.

You can use Aims Cards in a few ways, picking a card at random to give you a focus. Or, selecting the aim that you wish to focus on, and keeping it at the top of your mat to maintain that focus throughout your practice.

I’ve made an example which you are most welcome to print, share, and use in your practice and your teaching. But, it’s just an example. Deep into a winter lockdown myself, I made cards that were really bright and sunny, and used a few of the common aims that I have for my own practice.

If I had more room (and more graphic design ability) I might have added cards like Ease, Balance, or Heat. I might have made cards to reflect what element I want to work with on a give day, like Water for flow, Air for movement and breath, Earth for grounding, Ether for space, or Fire for intensity. I might have included things to observe and take note of, like Notice Tension, Notice Sweetness, Notice Posture.

These might be things that you want to add to your own cards, should you wish to make them on your own.

To make these cards I used Canva – it was easy and, at least on my end, they printed well back-to-front.

Aims Cards might be something you want to make for your own students, something that they can bring to their practice on the mat in studio, or from home in your online classes, even offering their own ideas for Aims and Intentions – a great way to develop community in these times of distancing.

So, Aims Cards, here I share them, just click the Download Button below. I hope you enjoy them.

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