Something many of you might not know about me is that I had a car accident when I was a teenager and my face was quite badly damaged. I’ve had a lot of surgery and a lot of various therapies since then, but my face still hurts most days.  So, when I learned this face massage sequence in my Thai Yoga Massage training it became a staple in my self-care kit; something that helps me manage my pain, self-soothe, reduce tension, and deeply relax. 

I hear from a lot of my students (especially these days) that carrying tension in the face and jaw is something they are struggling with, so I hope that this practice of self-massage might be helpful in your self-care kit too!

Follow this audio track that will guide you through a soothing, healing, and deeply relaxing self-massage sequence. This sequence is ideal for practicing just before sleep, but you can also do this in the bath, at your desk, or anytime you need some self-soothing.

You can download and save this sequence to your computer, tablet or phone to add to your regular practice.  And, if you have someone in your life that you can safely get close with, go ahead and practice it on each other!

Download and save the Super Sweet Self Massage Here

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