Super Sweet Self Massage for Neck, Head, Face

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Super Sweet Self Massage For Neck, Head and Face

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Download this guided audio podcast with a short but super sweet 10-minute self-massage sequence for the neck, head and face.  With all the many techniques we offer in Thai Yoga Massage, this last piece of the massage, what we call the ‘grand finale’ always seems to be people’s favorite. But, you don’t have to wait to get a massage to reap the benefits of relaxing all the tensions that build up in your neck, head and face, you can give yourself a sweet massage every day – especially delish after a long session and the computer, to take a break from work, make this a part of your self-care routine or even an at home spa day.  And, once you’ve mastered the self-massage, why not give someone else a super sweet face massage too?

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