Last month I share the big news about our new Training Portal, and a two new online courses, Energetic Anatomy for Yoga. and Sequencing and Theming for Yoga.

What’s Coming Next?

I have also been hard at work on a special project that is to do with the Yoga Trinity Yoga Teacher Training. I have been listening to students’ needs for accessibility, work/life/study balance, and use of technology and virtual learning, and I’m working on renovating and remodelling our teacher training offerings to provide a more streamlined and accessible progression through the teacher training journey.  I’m hoping to tell you all about it by next month!

While I’ve been working on this project over the past few months I’ve been reflecting on the past 16 years of sharing yoga teacher training, where we are at today as a global yoga community, and what I can (try to) anticipate about the future. It has not always been easy or comfortable!

Just from a technology standpoint, I started teaching yoga teacher training programs at a time before I had a camera on my phone and I was burning music on CDs.  A lot has changed.  Technology has changed the way we practice, study, and teach yoga, and while overall these are wonderful advances, I do think we have to work hard to keep what is magical and special about yoga as we move through this digital evolution.

For me, personally, I have learned a lot over the past 16 years and there’s so much evolution in how I teach and what I teach, but I still have the same why. I share yoga teacher training because I love yoga! Because of the amazing bio-psycho-social-spiritual benefits of yoga. Because the world can use more yoga, now more than ever.  And because I know that teaching yoga is just the most rewarding role in the world and I want to support others in having the same opportunity that I’ve been so lucky to have.

Thanks for listening…and for those of you who don’t know what ‘burning CDs’ means, drop me a DM and I’ll explain.

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