What Kind of People Take Yoga Teacher Training? (video)

What kind of people take yoga teacher training?

We’ve got a yoga teacher training coming up soon in Adelaide and that means I’m answering a lot of questions from folks about the yoga teacher training experience and what to expect from the program.

One of the most common questions I get is something around ‘what kind of people take yoga teacher training’?  And I think that question is kind of around can I take yoga teacher training, and the answer is Yes!

We’ve had students from ages 17 to 75 take the course and go on to have wonderful teaching practices and have great impact in their communities.

We welcome students of all ages and abilities and backgrounds, and people who have all kinds of different intentions for taking the program.

More than just me answering this question and saying, ‘all are welcome’, I want to say that one of the reasons that people ask this question so much is that we haven’t done a great job in the yoga world of showing the whole of the yoga community – people of all ages, and all backgrounds, and all abilities.

A lot of times and places, like social media, we just see young, really fit, really flexible people demonstrating really fancy poses, which is great, but that doesn’t represent the whole of the yoga community

The yoga community includes teachers of all ages, all abilities, all backgrounds.

My hope is that, while I’m always happy to answer any question students have about becoming a yoga teacher, that this one question about what kind of people can do yoga teacher training  becomes less common – because it becomes more common to see a the whole variety of people in the yoga teaching community, and when we can see the whole variety of teachers in the community, that’s going to allow  a wider variety of people feel welcome into yoga classes and yoga teacher training, and the yoga teaching community.

Hope that helps.

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