What Do You Learn in Yoga Teacher Training?

Have you ever wondered what you learn in yoga teacher training?

Here are a few key areas of study that we explore in the Yoga Trinity Yoga Teacher Training program:

  • How yoga has evolved from its origins in India to become what we know now as modern postural yoga.
  • How yoga philosophy can support our practice, our teaching, and our lives.
  • How to understand the form and essence of yoga techniques and make yoga accessible for every body.
  • How to use your teaching strategies to safely guide students through yoga poses, breathwork, and relaxation.
  • How to create and hold a safe and inclusive physical, mental, and emotional space for students.
  • How our bodies are built, how they move, how they respond to yoga, and how they differ in each unique individual.
  • How to develop a professional teaching practice and yoga-based business.
  • How to sequence a balanced yoga class that includes movement, breath, relaxation, and philosophy.
  • How to develop your teaching style as you guide students, classes, and a yoga teaching practice.
  • How to put all you’ve learned into practice as a safe, confident, and inspiring yoga teacher.

Lastly, I want to point out that beyond what you learn from your trainers in yoga teacher training, you will learn so much from your fellow teachers-in-training, graduate assistants, and your yoga community at large.  Yoga is a lifelong learning journey, and there are so many people who will contribute to your learning, which makes this the most wonderful journey of personal growth, professional development, and community connection!

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