What bugs me about yoga? The lack of inclusion and accessibility.

What’s exciting about the future of yoga? Inclusion and Accessibility!

There are things that up until recently really bugged me about yoga.

Being a person with chronic back pain and almost 30 years of yoga experience, being asked ‘have you tried yoga?’ is one of them.

More importantly, the sense of exclusivity that used to pervade the yoga scene really bugged me. That you had to look a certain way, dress a certain way, move a certain way, talk a certain way, live a certain way to feel included in the yoga community…it excluded people, and it had nothing to do with yoga.

I still hear regularly from passionate and skilled teachers that they feel like they don’t make the grade to be in the yoga club, so how on earth will our students feel welcome?

So, one of the best evolutions in yoga today is inclusivity, and I’m all for that. We are seeing so many teachers and organizations who are making their classes welcoming and accessible to all ages, all bodies, all backgrounds, all abilities.

I’m excited about this. I think inclusion and accessibility is the future of yoga, and I’m on board. Are you?

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