I’m in the midst of my 14th year of yoga teacher training, but every course is like the first course.

June 2019 Update

Greetings from Canada! It’s been an eventful month here in Canada as we settle into our new routines and get ready to settle into our new home.  If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I’ve been walking and hiking every day and taking a lot of time to enjoy the flowers, trees, birds, and scenery of Canada.

I’ve also been getting back into some writing, celebrating some YTT graduates, and getting to know our newest teacher trainees who are registering for our next Australian courses and beginning their Online Studies.

Having entered my 14th year of sharing Yoga Teacher Training courses, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve never taught the same course twice.  It’s never the same, always evolving with movement science, new understandings of yoga’s origins and evolutions, and new learning on teaching methodology, including accessibility, adaptive yoga, inclusivity, and trauma sensitivity.

The biggest driver of this evolution is the teacher trainees that I get to work with online and face-to-face in our training course.  They each bring their own special wisdom, insight, and bodies to practice with.  On course we all learn from the uniqueness of each body, and the uniqueness of each perspective – I love learning from each special viewpoint, through each students’ different life experiences, cultures, faiths, backgrounds, and education we all get to discover the wonders of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and movement.

I want to thank you all for joining me in this 14th year of exploration, adventure, and learning.

Much Metta,

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