Sole Walk – Thai Yoga Massage Meant For Sharing

This is a simple, effortless, but highly beneficial Thai Yoga Massage technique that you can share with family and friends.  It doesn’t require special materials, and is easy on your body, and super sweet to receive.

To Begin:

  • Lie your friend face-down down on a soft surface (yoga mat, carpet)
  • Set their feet your shoulder-width apart (too wide or too narrow and you might find it hard to balance)
  • Let their heels fall out to the sides so their feet are as flat as they can be on the ground.

To Sole Walk:

  • Stand close to their feet and begin to rock side to side, transferring your weight from one foot to the other. Once you have established a rhythm, walk your toes onto their toes.
  • Begin to walk along their feet, checking in that the pressure is okay. If they need less pressure, keep more of your weight in your heels on the ground, less of your weight in your toes.
  • Keep rocking side to side as you walk up and down their feet, walking anywhere except on their heels, and take care not to put too much direct pressure on the ball of the big toe
  • If you have the dexterity, you can add some Monkey Toe Magic, massaging with your toes as you walk.


  • Don’t Sole Walk if your friend has any injuries to their feet or ankles. If in doubt, err on the side of caution.
  • If balance is a concern for you when giving, be sure that your feet are well supported so you can balance easily, and be sure to Sole Walk in a safe environment.
  • Start out with lighter pressure, and ease into more pressure if appropriate
  • If your friend has any discomfort or the floor you are walking on is very firm, put a folded towel under their feet, but be sure it’s large enough that it can support your feet too.

When you are done, walk off the feet, and then get that lovely friend to give you the Sole Walk!

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