Yoga Coaching Clip: Sequencing and Transition Options for Standing Poses

Teaching Tips and Strategies for Yoga Teachers

Watch a 35-minute clip of a yoga coaching discussion on sequencing and transitioning options for our asymmetrical standing poses when you are teaching yoga in the studio, gym, online, or outdoors.

Yoga Coaching Clips: Transition Options for Standing Sequence

In this 35-minute discussion we explore a range of topics including: choosing transitions, sequencing options, mirroring left and right, sequencing for environment and class orientation, knowing your ‘why’.

Join us for a yoga coaching clip from a recent discussion where we are talking about sequencing your yoga classes, and in particular sequencing transitions into and out of the asymmetrical standing poses like Triangle, Rotated Triangle, Side Angle etc.

I hope you find this a useful topic of discussion for your home practice and your teaching, whether that be face-to-face in the studio, gym, outdoors, or community hall, or for your virtual or online classes.

We move through a range of topics in this discussion, including how and why you might choose different transitions or sequences based on:

• Student experience, ability, fitness, aims, accessibility needs
• Environment: studio, gym, community hall, indoors, outdoors, online, face-to-face
• Orientation: teaching from the top of the class, side of the class, in a long room or wide room, teaching in a circle.
• Prop use and availability, including mats, walls, and chairs

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