More Invitation, Less Regimentation in Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

Teaching Tips and Strategies for Yoga Teachers. Watch a quick video clip of a yoga coaching discussion and scroll down for a few tips and techniques to consider a more invitational, less regimented style of teaching yoga.

Lately I’m really interested in exploring a less regimented yoga teaching style, offering invitation, choice, and play within a led class environment.

Our Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga practices can have what sometimes feels to me like a militaristic aspect, where everyone is instructed to breathe at the same time, move at the same time, use the same transition.

I feel like there’s benefits to that style of disciplined and regimented class, there are aspects that are enjoyable and that bring us into a place of attention and community.

But I’m also interested in seeing what it’s like to move away from that and let people make more choices in their practice about when they’re going to breathe, and when they’re going to move and how they’re going to transition.

So, I’m experimenting with more invitational teaching, offering space for students to make choices.

If you are new to either developing your own home practice or to teaching yoga, you might find it useful to keep those boundaries right now, to have an established way that you do things just because your brain is going to be really full of all the things that you have to do as a new teacher.

That type of structure can give you a little bit of ground when you need it, and then with experience, you might find that you want to explore more.

So having a more established sequence, having more established transitions, you might find that useful if you’re new to again, either developing your home practice or teaching, and you might leave the curiosity and experimentation for later.

I’m curious to hear if you are playing in this area with your teaching or your practice these days so comment below

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