Is Vinyasa Flow Yoga Accessible and Adaptable? (video)

Is Vinyasa Flow yoga an accessible or adaptable practice? The thing about Vinyasa Flow is that it’s already an adapted practiced, borrowing from other yoga forms, primarily Ashtanga Vinyasa.

The way we study in yoga teacher training, every student has an opportunity to learn poses and sequences and flows, and learn how to add regressions, progressions, pose versions, and the use of props to adapt the practice to every body.

When you graduate from yoga teacher training and begin your teaching practice, you might share vinyasa flow in a variety of ways –- you might teach dynamic and fiery Vinyasa Flow, or a more restorative recovery flow, or a mellow slow flow.  You might teach all of the above!

Adapting the practice to your needs and the needs of your students is what Vinyasa Flow yoga is all about.

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