Finding your voice and sharing your passion and enthusiasm as a yoga teacher

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Video + Transcript with Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer. Watch the video, or read a few discussion notes below, along with some recommended resources.

Finding Your Voice and Sharing Your Passion as a Yoga Teacher

Join us for a short discussion on finding your unique voice as a yoga teacher.

We talk about being invitational rather than imposing when share our passion and enthusiasm for yoga.

I talk about how I used to see my exuberance as an obstacle, I didn’t seem ‘yogic’ enough, but in fact it was a gift.

We talk about giving students a ‘taste’ of something more in yoga – philosophy, anatomy, technique, mantra, meditation, etc., and letting them discover in their own time.

And we talk about how you might offer yoga labs, workshops, or retreats to guide your students deeper into yoga and share more of what you are passionate about.

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