Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Canberra

Congratulations Yoga Teacher Trainees

Congratulations to these amazing yogis for completing their 12-day Vinyasa Flow Intensive. They have shown such wisdom, curiosity, compassion, and of course metta.

They are all off now to complete their Online Studies, and then bring their unique teaching to their communities.

Please join me in congratulating these awesome humans, and welcoming them to our Yoga Trinity family, and the yoga teaching community:

Kaitlyn Redfern, Tania Williams, Jennifer Holmes, Tina Anderson, Sun Farey, Rebecca Smith, Olive Dangerfield, Shirley Winton, Krystle Ford, Stephanie Ane, Jarod McInness, Tracey Eppelstun, Domenica Morabito, Sienna Wolke, Libby Carroll, Amanda O’Donnell and Amanda Doelle.

And special thanks to our lovely assistants: Jordan, Richard, Robyn, Lesley, Jen, Marcus, Katie, Jenny, Annika, Lorelle, Belinda, Suzannah, and of course Yogi Assistant Sare!

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