Congratulations Adapted Yoga Teacher Trainees

Congratulations and Big Thanks to our most recent graduates of the Adapted Online Yoga Teacher Training

Yesterday we completed our most recent Adapted Yoga Teacher Training – which I ran from my new Zooming studio in my home in Canada.

While this has been a challenging time on so many levels, and making the switch to teaching YTT programs online has taken a lot of creativity and focus, I am so grateful to the students who have made the switch with me and allowed me to be a part of their yoga practice, education, and certification.

Teaching over Zoom is quite different from teaching face-to-face, but there are so many benefits, (not only being able to hop out of my pjs just minutes before I ‘go to work’)

This adapted training model has allowed me to share this course with teachers who wouldn’t be able to do the course otherwise – due to time, distance, family, or job restraints – the accessibility of an online course has given some awesome yogis the chance to complete a long-awaited dream of becoming a yoga teacher.

I do miss having everyone gather in one room, but with this adapted training we are all being invited into people’s homes for our Zoom workshops – and sharing the time and space with their families and pets too!

I really miss Australia, but this Zooming allows me to be ‘back in Australia’ for a few hours each week and I cherish this opportunity.

I also really appreciate that these teacher trainees have been asking questions, providing feedback, and helping me to continue to evolve the program and so that I can improve the materials, resources, and support they need to be successful in their studies.

Finally, I want to say that during a very tough time, being able to engage with a group of keen and curious yogis has been a light in my own life during the shutdown. Having something really positive to focus on, to be able to connect with a group of people on all aspects of yoga practice, read their assignments, hear their insights, see their progress…this has all been such a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful.

So, congratulations to this new group of teacher trainees on a job well done, and thank you for showing up, for bringing your wisdom and curiosity, and for being adaptable and ‘flexible’ (pun intended)

I’ll be looking forward to our one-to-one mentoring sessions as you move through your studies, and of course I am happily welcoming you all to the Yoga Trinity Family!

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