Choosing your home yoga practice (video)

When it comes to making choices about your home yoga or movement practice, it’s good to start with some kind of foundation – the 6 movements of the spine warm up, or some form of sun salutations.  And, after that, I think it’s useful to ask yourself a few questions:

What movements feel good in your body? Include those

What movements feel joyful? Include those

What movements will improve your active daily living? Include those

What movements do you look forward to doing, or at least not resist doing? Include those

What movements do you think you need, and why do you think you need them?

This last point I’ll maybe discuss more on another day – but I’ll just say quickly that sometimes we keep poses or exercises in our practice because we think we are supposed to, but they don’t really meet any of those other criteria so it’s worth interrogating whether you really need them, especially if they cause discomfort, or make you avoid practice.

I hope that helps.

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