Yoga Trinity Yoga Teacher Training Celebrates 13 Years!

13 Years ago this month I shared my first yoga teacher training program, and this March we completed our 35th yoga teacher training course, and now have over 1,000 graduates of the Trinity Yoga Teacher Training certificate!

These are numbers, and something I am proud of, but what I am far more proud of is the people involved in those numbers.  I am in awe of the courageous and passionate yogis who have trusted me with their Level 1 training.  I am so grateful to the graduates who have returned year after year to share their wisdom, insights, and stories ‘from the field’. And, I couldn’t do it without our hosts, who make travelling to teacher training possible, and to all the yoga families out there who make space (and make lunches) so that these yogis can head off for weeks at a time to pursue their yoga teacher training dreams!

While thinking about this anniversary I’ve been thinking about the changes that I have been through, that this course has been through in the past 13 years, from its beginnings as a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, to the transition to Vinyasa Flow, to, what I think is an important transition that we are going through now towards a much more accessible, adaptable, and sustainable practice.

Because I teach 100% of this course, I am intimately aware of the demands of training, and because I’ve been teaching for 25 years now I’m very aware of the demands of being a yoga teacher.  For many of us, the practice and business of yoga has so far not be particularly accessible or sustainable, so that is something I’m going to continue to focus on and evolve.  And, in fact, this last training that I shared this month in Canberra we added a new Sun Salutation to our teacher training sequence, the ‘No Wrists’ Sun Salutation.

This adapted vinyasa makes Sun Salutations more accessible to those with wrist, shoulder, knee or hip pain/immobility, and allows teachers to share a variety of flow sequences within one class.  If you want to give this a try, you can download this flow as an audio guided practice, and a PDF Flow Chart here at the Yoga Trinity Shop.

I’m so excited about this new direction for Yoga Trinity, and look forward to sharing another 13 years+ of yoga, meditation, and mindful movement with you all.

Thank you for being a part of my learning and my yoga journey.

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