Big News for Yoga Trinity

Hello Friends,

Last month I mentioned that some big news was coming, and here it is. I’ve spent the past few months struggling with this…there has been a lot of reflection, a lot of processing, but ultimately, I know I have made the right choice.

The big news is (drumroll please) we will be moving back home to Canada in 2018.

Before you miss me, I’ll be around for probably another year, and I’ll be back to Australia for a few months every year after the move – you can’t get rid of me that easy!

Why would I want to leave? Well, I don’t. But, I do. I fell in love with this country from the first moment I arrived, and I have infinite gratitude for all that I’ve been lucky to experience in almost 15 years of living here. Australia has given me so much – almost everything – I’ve only ever been missing one thing here, and that is my family.

Living so far away from Canada I have missed out on a lot of special time with my family. My nieces and nephew have grown up without me. I’ve missed dance recitals and soccer games and rock climbing competitions. I’ve missed graduations and weddings and funerals. I’ve missed Sunday dinners and all the happy noise and chaos that comes with being close to my nearest and dearest. And, my parents have gone without the help and support that I want to provide. I feel the need to be home now, so that I don’t miss out on any more time with my family, and so that I can be of support to them all. And, as much as I have fallen head over heels for this country, I have a deep yearning to be back in my homeland (though, ask me again come winter!)

I’m Not Really Going Anywhere…

The good news is that technology has helped us overcome many of the obstacles of distance – I’ll only be a skype or email away from you all. My support for my yoga family of graduates, teachers, and students is unwavering. And, I’ll be returning for a few months every year (in Australian summer of course!) to continue to share yoga teacher training, workshops and masterclasses, and hopefully a few fun yoga family get-togethers too.

What’s the Plan?

Our current plan is to head to the Great White North around this time next year, which means I have a whole 12 months to share a few more courses, a few more cuppas, and I’ll be working hard on developing new online content to keep you all learning, supported, and inspired in your practice and teaching.
You’ll see that teacher training is going through some updates to make better use of technology, to give teacher trainees more opportunity to begin their studies when they like, to work at their own pace, and to have all the resources, support, mentoring, and face-to-face time that they need in their studies, practice, and teaching.

What’s Next?

Over the next few months you’ll see some new online courses launching, and there will be a few masterclass opportunities too. If there is something you would like to learn through me and Yoga Trinity, please let me know – my creative juices are flowing, and I’m keen to work together with you all to develop programs and community spaces to continue to learn, share, and evolve together.

I’ll Be Back

So, thanks, Australia, it’s not goodbye, it’s just a change of address, and I certainly hope to see you all in 2018 in my last full year of residence. And, I’m already planning my trip for March-May 2019 to visit, teach, share, learn, and have some yoga fun with you all.

Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday, and all the best for a New Year of Yoga!

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