Notes from a Work From Home Yoga Teacher

This is me at my desk – which, over the past 4 years, has become the center of my working world. At times it can feel like a very small world, just me and the dog all day long, but then I get onto a coaching call or mentoring session with a student in Australia or the UK or the US, and my world opens up!

When I look back on my career over the past few decades, I used to be on the move much more than I am now. Driving from client to client, class to class teaching yoga, and then travelling around Australia and Canada teaching yoga teacher training and workshops.  These days my teaching is entirely online, leading virtual trainings, hosting group coaching and one-to-one mentoring, and teaching private yoga.

Since my switch to online teaching, I have worried about a loss of connection or community, so it’s something I work on every day.  I got some lovely feedback this week from a student who reflected that my courses offered so much more connection than other online learning experiences – and I have to admit that provided me with some much-needed validation that my efforts are being felt by my students.

While I’m not seeing people face-to-face, I like to imagine that we are still sharing space and energy as we work together virtually.  Life as a yoga teacher can sometimes be a bit lonely, so it’s important to me that teachers-in-training and graduates know that they have support, someone who is following their journey and cares about their experiences.

From my very small world at my desk, I can reach out into my big circle of yogis and I’m so grateful for that opportunity.

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