Hello Teacher Trainees and Teaching Assistants,

I am writing today with an update on our upcoming teacher trainings, and in particular to address any concerns you may have about the coronavirus (COVID-19).  I understand that you may have specific questions about the training, and how to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe.

To let you know about our efforts to keep our course and our community healthy, please note:

We will not be providing props to borrow at this time.  Please bring your props like your mat, blanket, blocks, strap, and eye pillow.  We recommend you clean your mat daily.

We will not be offering hands on assists at this time, rather focusing on corrective cuing and self-adjusts.

We will enjoy greeting each other with a Namaste rather than handshakes or hugs.

We ask that you don’t place personal-use bottles up against the faucets or water dispensers. We recommend that you thoroughly wash your bottle daily.

We will not be providing tea, coffee or milks at this time.  You are most welcome to bring your own supplies, including your own cup and spoon.

We recommend frequent hand washing and using hand sanitizer when you enter and exit the venue.

Please join us our efforts and stay vigilant about your own personal cleanliness and public health practices.

Most importantly, please stay home if you feel unwell or have any symptoms, even minor ones, including fever, cough and trouble breathing. This is the most important step each of us can take to keep ourselves and each other safe.  I will be reachable anytime if you have concerns about your health status.

Let’s work together to take care of each other and our community during our training.

If anything changes, please be assured that we keep you updated and that we are prepared to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our fellow teacher trainees and the wider community.  We are hoping for the best, and look forward to a successful training, but also planning for changing conditions and have some contingency plans in place should we need them.

If you do have any questions, concerns, or wish to touch base I can be reached  anytime at heather@yogatrinity.com

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all soon for our Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

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