Trinity Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Manual

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Manual

This PDF vinyasa flow yoga teacher training manual includes chapters on philosophy, teaching methodology, anatomy & physiology, technical study pose-by-pose, the business of yoga teaching, and yoga lifestyle.

The essential text in our internationally recognized teacher training program, this manual serves as a comprehensive text covering all areas of discussion, workshop, practice, and technical study in our 300-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training program.

Ideal for both students and teachers to explore the art and science of practicing, teaching, and living yoga.

210-page PDF Program Manual Includes:

Technical Study: Over 50 Vinyasa Flow Yoga poses, 4 breathwork techniques, 5 guided relaxations

Teaching Methodology: Teaching Skills, Cuing, Correcting, Hands on Adjustments, the Role of a Teacher

Philosophy: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Bhagavad Gita, History of Yoga, Branches and Limbs of Yoga

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