Core Yoga Roll Back Flow

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Core Yoga Roll-Back Flow

Free Yoga Audio Practice

This short free yoga podcast audio sequence can be part of your regular yoga or exercise program, or part of a more comprehensive Core Yoga sequence.

Focusing on strengthening the abdominals, this sequence also explores how we use our abdominals and breath when challenged. Throughout the sequence stay present with the space between your front hip bones and thigh bones, we’ll be exploring making some space between those bones.  As well, take some time to become aware of any tendency to ‘brace’ with your breath or grip with your abdominals or hip flexors. Keep your movements slow and deliberate, and try to cultivate a balance of strength and flow without rigidness or bracing. In Core Yoga our aim is always to find good technique before we add intensity, so for today you might keep your movements more subtle as you explore this flow.

Props you’ll need for this flow are a folded blanket and a brick. If you don’t have a brick, use a small ball or a rolled blanket or cushion.

This sequence is not suitable for prenatal students or those with existing back/disc injuries.  Best suited to those familiar with Vinyasa Flow or Core Yoga, for more comprehensive instructions on the Vinyasa practice check out our Core Yoga Video Download or Vinyasa Flow Video Download

Want to teach Core Yoga?  Check out our Online CEC program Here


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