Scapula Core Warm Up

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Scapula Core Warm Up

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This 9-minute audio podcast is all about getting to know your scapula (the fancy name for your shoulder blade), exploring a warm up for the scapula while you play with their natural movements, connecting your scapular movements to your core, and experiencing one of the ways in which our old yoga cues might be getting in the way of our natural scapula rhythm, and compromising our core.

We’ll do this lying down today, so we can get the feedback of the ground, but you can also play with this warm up seated or standing.

These two scapula circling techniques give us a chance to play with scapular movements, get in touch with how our scapula work most comfortable when we move our arms, and perhaps letting go of being too rigid with keeping our scapula pulling down all the time. This warm up also gives us a chance to notice how our core muscles can contribute to a stable spine while our arms are cruising around.

I hope you find this warm up helpful, especially on days where you will be doing a lot of arm movements, arm balancing, or big backbends like Upward Bow,  this is a great warm up to add to the start of your yoga practice for greater awareness, mobility, and stability of your scapula and core.

As always, thanks for sharing your practice with me.

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