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How to Teach Yoga Without Demonstrating Every Pose

with Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer Watch a 40-minute clip of a yoga coaching discussion on how you can teach a yoga class without demonstrating every pose. Follow the video, or read a few notes and strategies below.   [embedyt] https://www.youtube.c..read more

Creating a Social Media Core Strategy For Yoga Teachers: Connecting and Elevating Yoga Online

by: Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer, Yoga Trinity Social media has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect and engage with others on a gl..read more

What Do You Learn in Yoga Teacher Training?

Have you ever wondered what you learn in yoga teacher training?

Here are a few key areas of study that we explore in the Yoga Trinity Yoga Teacher Training program:
  • How yoga has evolved from its origins in India to become what we know now as modern postural yoga.
  • How yoga philosophy can sup..read more


Yoga Coaching Clip: Sequencing and Transition Options for Standing Poses

Teaching Tips and Strategies for Yoga Teachers

Watch a 35-minute clip of a yoga coaching discussion on sequencing and transitioning options for our asymmetrical standing poses when you are teaching yoga in the studio, gym, online, or outdoors. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.co..read more

More Invitation, Less Regimentation in Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes

Teaching Tips and Strategies for Yoga Teachers. Watch a quick video clip of a yoga coaching discussion and scroll down for a few tips and techniques to consider a more invitational, less regimented style of teaching yoga. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO1x_j23GhY[/embedyt] Lately I’m ..read more

Yoga Teaching Strategies: Mirroring Right and Left (Video)

Teaching Tips and Strategies for Yoga Teachers. Watch a quick video clip of a yoga coaching discussion and scroll down for a few tips and techniques to develop your skills in mirroring your left and right in your visual cuing and demonstrations in yoga classes. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1..read more

Notes from a Work From Home Yoga Teacher

This is me at my desk – which, over the past 4 years, has become the center of my working world. At times it can feel like a very small world, just me and the dog all day long, but then I get onto a coaching call or mentoring session with a student in Australia or the UK or the US, and my world opens up! When I look back o..read more

What Happens to your Yoga Practice When You Begin to Teach Yoga?

While the transition from yoga student to yoga teacher is a delight in so many ways, there can be some downsides. Depending on how much you teach, those downsides might include the loss or disruption to their own practice, repetitive strain, burnout, or your practice becoming a place to strategize for yo..read more

What Are Some Alternatives or Additions to Weekly Yoga Classes?

Whether you are a yoga teacher or a yoga student, it can be a challenge to commit to a weekly yoga class due to a variety of factors, including shift work, child/family care, chronic illness or disability, travel, regular access to transport, or perhaps you just don’t wish to commit to being somewhere e..read more

Thank you for 17 Years of Yoga Teacher Training

On this day in 2006 we celebrated the graduation of the first class of Yoga Trinity teachers.  It was a month-long retreat in a cabin on the south coast of NSW and it was intense! I knew right away that I had not anticipated all the challenges I would face, and I also knew that I had not anticipated how much I would ..read more

Practicing Equanimity at Winter’s End

It snowed again today when I hoped for signs of spring, and I was all set to get grumpy about it and shift into (madness) complaints after such a long winter but decided instead to take some time to explore my mindset and apply some yoga philosophy to my lifelong habit of arguing with the weather. This is likely (oh please!) ..read more

4 Exciting Updates on Yoga Teacher Training Canberra, Adelaide, and Online

  • Canberra Early Bird Jun 10
  • Gawler/Adelaide New Course – We Want Your Input!
  • New! 350-Hour Self-Paced Online Study option
  • AUSactive Registration
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