300 Hour Postgraduate Online Self-Study Yoga Teacher Training

In accordance with the permanent distance education provisions of both Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance, our programs are offered in in several study options, including Online, Virtual, and blended Face-to-Face + Online formats. 

This 300-hour post graduate program is designed for yoga teachers from any background, style or lineage who are seeking to upgrade, upskill, and explore a multidisciplinary approach to their teaching, including Vinyasa Flow, Core Yoga, Mind Body Meditation, Energetic Anatomy, Sequencing & Theming, Ayurveda, and more.

Self-Paced, Self-Study 300-hour Online Training

The course is online and self-paced, and offers a variety of study units including Vinyasa Flow, Core Yoga, Mind Body Meditation, Sequencing & Theming, Energetic Anatomy, Anatomy Basics, and Yoga Business Basics.

This course includes weekly virtual events like Group Coaching and Philosophy Club to ask questions, share insights, and enjoy community throughout your studies.

Looking for a course with more contact hours?  Check out the Blended Face-to-Face + Online Training option

Self Study Program Overview:

Study Units
  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Core Yoga
  • Anatomy Basics
  • Accessible Asana Study
  • Ayurveda Basics
  • Energetic Anatomy for Yoga
  • Mind Body Meditation
  • Yoga Philosophy in Daily Life
  • Yoga Business Basics
  • Sequencing & Theming for Yoga
  • Teaching Skills
  • Pose-by-Pose studies
  • Reading/Listening & Writing Assignments: Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Current Research in Yoga, Ethics in Yoga, Yoga & Accessibility
  • Personal Practice Log
  • Practice Teaching Logs
  • Weekly virtual/recorded yoga events like Group Coaching and Philosophy Club
  • Coursework and assessment include writing assignments, worksheets, quizzes, and recorded practice teaching.
Curriculum Hours:

Total Study Hours: 300-hrs

  • 12+ contact hours
  • 288 non-contact hours
Professional Development Hours
  • Registered Yoga Alliance 300-hour RYS
  • APD Yoga Australia: 300 CPDs learn more
  • AUSactive: AUSactive Members earn 22 CECs (Vinyasa Flow 15 CECs, Core Yoga 7 CECs). As well you may be able to upgrade an existing membership as a Registered Yoga Instructor.  learn more


Course Fees:
  • Concession $1,280 (concession card holders)
  • Pay Upfront $1,380 (full payment save $300 – order now)
  • Payment Plan $1,680 (deposit $400, 8 fortnightly payments of $160 – register now)
  • Note: if you are eligible for concession, prior learning discount with Yoga Trinity, or you are seeking a payment plan, use this form to register and let us know.
Aims and Outcomes
  • Sequencing and facilitating a multi-disciplinary yoga and meditation practice.
  • Understand and apply regressions, progressions, accessible options, and props for each technique.
  • Teaching breathwork techniques suitable for the beginner to intermediate student.
  • Teaching Mind Body Meditation suitable for the beginner to intermediate student.
  • Developing an understanding of the bio-psycho-social benefits of yoga including flexibility, balance, strength and conditioning, and general wellbeing.
  • Developing an understanding of the history of yoga and current trends and ideas in yoga and mind-body-movement.
  • Identifying clients who require referral to a healthcare provider before commencing a yoga class.
  • Understand and apply risk management, accessibility, and safety policies
  • Observing the philosophies and ethics of yoga in business management, teacher-student relationship, and personal practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course Policy Overview

Program Policies

By completing my registration in a Yoga Trinity program, I agree to the following conditions:

  • I will not engage in practice if a pre-existing medical condition could be negatively affected by physical activity, including yoga, Pilates, and massage.
  • I will seek medical clearance before participating in practice if a pre-existing medical condition exists.
  • I will inform the teacher of any pre-existing medical condition or change to my health status before course commencement.
  • Acceptance of risk and release from liability: I acknowledge that participation in any physical activity, including yoga, Pilates, and massage, involves a risk of accident, illness, injury, or death. I am voluntarily participating in these activities with full knowledge, understanding and appreciations of the dangers involved. I agree to release and indemnify the teacher from any claim that the teacher is liable for negligence in the event of any accident, illness, injury, or death sustained as a result of participation.
  • Deposits are non-refundable once your Online Study has been delivered.

When registering for a course or workshop, I agree to the following policies:

  • If you have answered yes to any of the Par-Q questions, are pregnant, or have a medical condition that could be made worse by a change in your physical activity, a signed medical/registration form must be completed and submitted prior to the first practice. Any changes to a medical condition must be advised to your instructor.
  • The school will reserve the right to terminate the student’s participation in the course at any time if student safety or wellbeing is compromised.
  • Certification will be awarded only after all requirements pertaining to the program have been completed, with due respect given to time limits.
  • The school will not be responsible for any loss, injuries or damage sustained during the course of the training or during the student’s private practice.
  • The student agrees that no photos, recordings, or videos are to be taken during training without permission from the school and any participants involved.
  • The student agrees that all study materials are for their use only and are not to be copied, shared, or distributed.
  • The student acknowledges that they have read and agreed to follow the rules outlined in the accompanying Code of Ethics
  • All courses are subject to participation. We will confirm courses no later than 4 weeks prior to the event. Future courses cannot be guaranteed. In the event of a course cancellation, you may transfer your registration to the next available training. If you are unable to attend a future training, you will be provided with a refund of your course fees, subtracting the cost of any completed coursework, mentoring, coaching, or attendance at face-to-face or virtual training prior to cancellation.
  • Certificates will be awarded upon attendance at all required training days, submission of all coursework, and successful completion of assessment.
  • If a circumstance arises (family emergency, illness, Covid-contact) that causes you to miss any face-to-face sessions, you can make up those sessions at another course, or review the video recording of each session and complete a homework study sheet to complete all units missed. If your missed face-to-face hours extend beyond 10% of the face-to-face course hours, you can defer your training to the next available course.
  • If a circumstance arises where you are unable to complete your training, you can defer your studies to the next available course.
  • Course components must be completed within a 24-month period.
  • Each student will undertake a written assessment, a passing grade of 80% is required. You may re-take your assessment if a passing grade is not achieved.

Financial Details

  • A deposit is required to secure your place in the course and receive any Early-Bird savings.
  • Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable once your Online Study module has been delivered.
  • Cancellations or transfers received less than 3 months prior to course commencement may incur an admin fee. Please speak to the course host/coordinator for details prior to submitting your deposit.
  • Cancellations or transfers received less than 30 days prior to course commencement are non-refundable.
  • Early Bird savings are available only on the full 12-day intensive and cannot be applied to Payment Plans, Module by Module study or course transfers.
  • All fees are to be paid prior to course commencement unless a payment plan has been organized with your course coordinator.
  • Payments can be made by bank transfer to your course host.

Note: Please carefully consider non-refundable payments prior to commitment.

Behaviour Policy

Harassment Against Members of Protected Class

  • We do not permit managers, employees, teachers, independent contractors, students, or
  • others in the workplace to harass any other person because of age, gender (including pregnancy),
  • race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic
  • status, genetic information, or any other basis proscribed by law.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  • We do not tolerate sexual harassment in our studio. Sexual harassment refers to any unwelcome
  • sexual attention, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal, visual or
  • physical conduct of a sexual nature when the conduct harms the person’s employment or
  • working environment.

Sexual Misconduct

We prohibit sexual misconduct in our studio. Sexual misconduct is any unsolicited and unwelcome

sexual advance including requests for sexual favors, sexual touching, and verbal, visual, or

physical conduct that creates a sexually hostile environment in a yoga class or studio.

While it is not possible to list all the circumstances that may constitute sexual misconduct, the

following are examples of misconduct:

  • Sexual advances whether they involve physical touching or not.
  • Sexual epithets, jokes, written or verbal references to sexual conduct, gossip regarding
  • one’s sex life, comments on an individual’s body, sexual activity, deficiencies, or prowess.
  • Displaying sexually suggestive objects, pictures, cartoons.
  • Unwelcome leering, whistling, brushing against the body, sexual gestures, suggestive or insulting comments.
  • Comments or conjecture about a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Inquiries into one’s sexual activities.
  • Sexually oriented asana adjustments or touch.
  • Discussion of one’s sexual activities.

Romantic Relationships Between Teachers and Students

Teachers shall not invite, respond to, or allow any sexual or romantic conduct with a student

during the period of the teacher-student relationship.

Code of Ethics

  1. Uphold the integrity of my vocation by conducting myself in a professional and conscientious manner in my student/client, peer, and business interactions.
  2. To have respect for my teachers, peers, and students in the spirit of yoga.
  3. Provide safe and effective instruction, and a clean and comfortable environment for all participants.
  4. Provide equal and fair treatment to all.
  5. Make my practice and my continuing education a priority.
  6. Comply with all country/state business, employment, and copyright laws.
  7. Maintain the confidentiality of all student information.
  8. Respect the rights, dignity, and privacy of all students.
  9. Acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice, and refer students to more qualified medical, health, or rehabilitation professionals when necessary.
  10. Acknowledge all the teachers and traditions that inform our practice, and the land that we practice on.

What if I’ve already done one of the units in this course, is there a discount? Do I get recognition of prior learning?

Yes, if you have previously studied/paid for one or more of the units in this course, you can be credited with course hours (if completed) and the fees paid for the study unit(s).  Note, cost credits apply to the cost of the full training only and cannot be applied to sales, early-bird rates or concession rates.

What’s the Difference Between Adapted Online and Self Study

What’s the difference between the Self Study Postgraduate and the Adapted Online Postgraduate?

Both programs offer study in yoga asana, breathwork, meditation, anatomy, Ayurveda, and yoga philosophy, but there are some differences:

Adapted Online/Virtual program:

Suits those who succeed in guided study with more teacher-student contact. With live Zoom studies held over a series of weekends, you might find that the structure helps you to stay on track with your practice and studies. You might also enjoy the additional opportunity to ask questions, open discussions, and hear from other teachers.

  • Live Zoom Intensives
  • Deeper pose study in Vinyasa Flow
  • Being part of a community of yoga teachers and teachers in training
  • Practice teaching with fellow teachers

Self-Study/Online Program:

Suits those who succeed in self-paced study. You can organize your own study schedule, work at your own pace, and reach out if you have questions or need support, and join in with weekly virtual coaching sessions to ask questions, open discussions, and hear from other teachers.

  • Completely self-paced
  • More techniques and styles to explore (Vinyasa, Core Yoga)
  • A deeper study of yoga philosophy, ethics, and evidence-based yoga
  • Join in on weekly coaching to connect with other teachers

How to Register:

Submit Your Registration Now

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a welcome package, including details on making deposits and/or Early Bird payments. Once your payments and registration are processed, you will have access to your Online Study materials to begin your studies and practice.

What should I bring to the class?

For face-to-face or live zoom sessions, wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that moves easily with your body. Wear layers to keep you cool during practice, and warm during study hours. Have note-taking materials (pen, paper) and your water bottle.

For face-to-face courses, blankets and props will be provided, but you might like to bring your favourite  sitting and meditation props (cushion, eye pillow, weighted blanket).

For zoom courses, ideally have some props (bricks, strap, blanket).  If you don’t have these props, a variety of cushions and blankets, a small towel or thin scarf can be useful.

Who can study Vinyasa Flow Instructor Intensive?

This program is open to yoga teachers from any lineage/style who wish to practice, study, and teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga

How Many Hours is This Program?

150-hour Virtual Postgraduate Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Alliance 150-hours CEU
  • Yoga Australia 150-hours
  • AUSactive 15 CECs
300-hour Virtual Postgraduate Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Australia: 300 CPDs (Approved Professional Development)
  • Yoga Alliance RYS-300 (to Dec 2023)
  • AUSactive 22 CECs
300-hour Online Postgraduate Self Study Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga Australia: 300 hours
  • Yoga Alliance RYS-300
  • AUSactive 22 CECs

Note: AUSactive registered yoga teachers may be able to upgrade an existing membership as a Registered Yoga Instructor. Please visit www.ausactive.org.au for details.

If you belong to another membership organization, check in with them directly for information on CPD awards for renewal and membership upgrades.