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Ayurveda and Yoga Online Education

Continuing Education For Yoga Teachers

 In this 18-hour continuing education program yoga teachers from all backgrounds can explore the foundations of Ayurveda, the traditional healing practice of India.  Through developing an understanding of the foundations of Ayurveda you can assist students in both group and private sessions to enhance the holistic practice of yoga.   Areas of study include dosha-based program design, teaching skills and strategies, lifestyle and self-care techniques, and strategies for customizing private yoga sessions.

Your course includes a study workbook, video and audio discussions and practices, helpful forms, case studies, and a guided study flow through the foundations of Ayurveda philosophy. Study elements, doshas, vayus, and making conscious choices, as well as a variety of practical applications in your teaching strategies, sequencing and theming, group classes, and private Ayurveda and yoga sessions.

You can study online through your Training Portal and study step-by-step through 9 modules, 61 lessons, videos, and audio studies/practices. If you prefer to study offline, download and save all your materials to study offline and keep your materials forever.

Study Overview:

  • History of Ayurveda
  • Ayurveda Philosophy
  • 5 Elements
  • 3 Doshas
  • 5 Vayus
  • Doshic Balance
  • Ayurvedic Kitchen
  • Making Conscious Choices
  • Teaching Ayurveda and Yoga Classes
  • Facilitating Ayurveda and Yoga Private Sessions

Your Study Package includes:

  • Ayurveda & Yoga Workbook
  • Ayurveda & Yoga slide deck studies
  • Video and audio studies and practices
  • Homeplay Worksheets
  • Quiz
  • Group Classes Theming and Sequencing
  • Private Session Consultation and Follow-up


Cost: $80

Payment Methods:
• E-Transfer (Australia and Canada only)
• PayPal – use any credit card safely and securely



Who Can Study Ayurveda and Yoga?

Yoga teachers from any background, style, lineage.

What style of yoga does this course address?

The principles and strategies can be applied to any yoga style, or multi-modalities for teachers wishing to share multidisciplinary practices.

Can I get professional development credits for completing the program?

Yes, you can use this course to obtain CPDs to renew your Yoga Alliance membership, and to renew and upgrade your Yoga Australia membership. If you belong to another yoga, fitness, or coaching organization, speak to them directly about using this program towards continuing education credits.

  • YACEP/Yoga Alliance: 18 CEUs
  • Yoga Australia: 18 CPDs
  • AUSactive: yoga teachers can apply for affiliated education 18 non-contact hours

How is the Program Assessed?

Online quiz, homeplay worksheets, and practicum submissions of a group class and private session.

How do I order? 


I Have More Questions 

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About Yoga Trinity

Since 2006 Yoga Trinity has been delivering yoga teacher training and continuing education programs to yoga, Pilates, meditation, and fitness professionals in both face-to-face and online trainings. We are enthusiastic about continuing to share comprehensive trainings that blend the rich teachings of traditional yoga with the modern study of movement and make continuing education training inclusive and accessible.

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Program Policies

• Course components must be completed within a 24-month period.
• Once the program package has been received and opened, the program is non-refundable.
• If you choose not to complete the program, it may not be transferred to another person.
• Your full participation in the program is essential. Your certificate will not be completed until all of your study units, quizzes, logs, and assessments have been completed successfully.
• Each student will undertake a written assessment, a passing grade of 80% is required. You may re-take your assessment if a passing grade is not achieved.
• If a technical issue exists in any course materials replacements or alternate links will be provided at no additional cost.