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How to Guide Relaxation in a Yoga Class

with Heather Agnew, ERYT-500, Lead Trainer Watch a 45-minute clip of a discussion on guiding relaxation, visualization, and meditation in your yoga classes. Follow the video, or read a few notes below.   [embedyt][/embedyt]  

How to more

Spring is fast approaching in Australia, and after weeks of putting it off, I finally got around to cleaning out the bulging shelves of my book collection. Eager to sort out what needed to be tossed and what needed to be passed on, I cleverly decided on three piles; one for keeps, one for giveaways and the other a sort of ’in limbo’ pile that required further consideration, more

Recently while taking a break at a shopping mall, I witnessed an energetic toddler running rampant amongst the lower shelves of a bookshop. Leaving a trail of destruction behind him, he raced ahead like a runaway train. For most inquisitive toddlers the sensory experience must have been amazing. Though much to the relief of the shop assistant, it was short lived, as Mum was more

Journalling the Year That Has Passed, and Setting Aims for the Year To Come This month I’d like to share with you a New Year’s tradition passed down to me by my Grandmother. It’s not a new years resolution, it’s no ‘hair of the dog’ hangover cure, and it’s certainly not a ‘lose the 2 kilos you put on over Christmas by lunch’ diet. This is a simple but more

Mystics, elite athletes, and artists all agree that one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal is our imagination. Through your imagination and visualization powers you can enhance your creativity at work, improve your sports performance, understand the workings of your mind, and learn to tap your own inner powers of creation, intuition, perception, and conception. more

This time of year in North America when the temperature begins to dip below zero, Christmas preparations add a bit more pressure to our “to do” lists, and snow, sleet and rain deter us from stepping out of the warmth of our cars, the Drive Thru becomes a commuter’s best friend. Recently, I was in line at Tim Hortons’ and I let another car in front of me. The couple in more

With the end of "Resolution Month" I am always eager to hear how you are all going in your quest for better health and fitness. January is a booming time for gyms, diet centers, and magazines touting the latest "weekend detox" plan. But, as we all know January comes and goes in a flash and we are often left wondering why our "quick fixes" weren't so quick! The truth of the more

Hello Friends,
I trust that this email finds you travelling well in life and in practice wherever you are in the world. I have just returned to beautiful Ontario, Canada, after a wonderful journey from Canberra to Port Douglas – travelling about 3,500km of the Australian coastline. I had a fantastic time sharing Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and our more

Time is the most precious resource we have in this busy age, and can often be the most significant factor when we are considering developing our practice and exploring our personal growth. And so often time is the reason that we put off taking a course, booking a retreat, or even getting to a regular yoga class. These days, our needs have been seen and met with an more

Get up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work. Work. Drive Home. Gym. Yoga. Dinner. Play with the kids. Pay the bills. TV.  Bed. Get Up. Shower. Eat. Drive to work...
Do you ever get the feeling that you are on a treadmill? That days, weeks, and months pass while the aspirations that are so close to your heart remain unrealized year after year until more

I was listening to the radio recently on a long drive and heard a brief piece discussing the running of the 4 minute mile. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the subject, the four minute mile was thought to be impossible. Once the 5 minute mile had been broken it was collectively assumed that this was the limit of human performance. However, in 1954 Roger more

The Stages of Change Model was first introduced in the 1970’s to help us understand that change does not occur in one step, but a process of steps that each of us undergoes as we endeavor to change an old behavior or adopt a new one. Particularly at the new year, a time when goal-setting has become a strong social trend, it can be helpful before you set your goals that more