Core Yoga Media Release – What is Core Yoga?

The Core Yoga program is a Yoga/Pilates fusion class that blends strengthening movements for the “core muscles” of the abdomen, low back and hips, stretches for key muscles that can reduce low back pain, headaches and tension, and breathwork to cleanse and purify the body/mind.  Containing both the richness of the Yoga experience as well as modern strengthening and stretching techniques, this program is designed to create a vibrantly healthy body, develop body/mind awareness, reduce the risk of injury and low back pain, and enhance active daily life.

Back pain is a lifestyle issue for more than 5 million Australians, and the estimated cost of back pain in Australia is well over $1 billion dollars annually.  Back pain interferes with our ability to work productively, maintain regular sports and fitness participation, and live active healthy lives.  The cost of back pain, however, goes far beyond the financial loss of productivity and the cost of treatment.  Having chronic back pain increases mental and physical stress, decreases health and vitality, and denies us our active participation in life.

Core Yoga creator Heather Agnew says that her own experience with back pain led her to design the Core Yoga program.  “After I injured my back in a car accident I was unable to maintain my own Yoga practice and daily walking program.  My physiotherapist prescribed private Pilates sessions to bring me back into a pain-free state, and the discovery of Pilates was a blessing for me.  It not only helped me to manage my own back pain, but helped me to deepen my Yoga practice and develop better posture in both yoga and in daily life.  The effects were so profound that I went on to study with Stott Pilates (a world leader in Pilates training) and began to teach Pilates classes to help others reach the same healthy, fit and pain-free state.   But, as I began teaching Pilates many clients shared their concerns that the pace of Pilates was so fast they couldn’t keep up, and it wasn’t offering the same benefits of Yoga; stress reduction, mental clarity, and deep relaxation.  This is when I created the Core Yoga program.”

Core Yoga is a fusion of Yoga and Pilates designed to maintain the rich, relaxing experience of Yoga, while offering movements designed to strengthen the whole body, and in particular muscles of the back and abdomen in an environment that, with regular practice, teaches the body to move correctly in everyday life.  Movements are practiced slowly and with precision, and the focus on breathwork not only assists in reducing pain, but also enhances awareness and mental clarity.

Core Yoga is a rapidly growing specialty yoga practice as it is suitable for people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.  Core Yoga is a great method on its own, and also a great compliment to a regular yoga or exercise regime, and an intelligent way for people to begin their Yoga journey safely; with a foundation of strength, flexibility, and breath awareness.

Want to Teach Core Yoga?

Yoga teachers, fitness professionals and bodyworkers are all benefiting from adding Core Yoga to their knowledge base and their list of services.  For details on the Core Yoga Instructor Training, led by internationally recognized master trainer/senior teacher Heather Agnew visit    or contact