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Thai Yoga Massage Training Courses

Thai Yoga Massage Professional Certification

Yoga Trinity offers comprehensive training in Thai Yoga Massage both for personal development and professional accreditation, and is the only Lotus Palm certified school in Australia.  Courses include study, practice, and experience not only in giving a skillful and highly beneficial massage, but also in cultivating a successful and rewarding professional Thai Yoga Massage practice.

Professional Practitioner Programs

Open to anyone wishing to develop the skills to build a professional practice.  Each training level includes a dynamic and practical training course followed by a series of practice massages that you will complete at your own pace.  Begin with the Essential Level Certification and begin to build a rewarding career in just 10 days.  Upon completion of the Essential Level Certification, you can undertake any of the Continuing Education programs, in any order, to refine your skills, learn new techniques, and develop your Thai Yoga Massage practice and business.

Essential Level Certification

  • Thai Yoga Massage Level 1
  • Thai Yoga Massage Level 2

Continuing Education Training

  • Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage
  • Intermediate Study – Twists and Knees
  • Intermediate Study – Marmas and Massage

Essential Level Certification

Thai Yoga Massage Level 1

In this intensive training program you will learn and apply a full 90 minute Thai Yoga Massage sequence utilizing yoga postures, passive stretching, acupressure, energy work, massage and meditation to assist the clients in reducing tension, enhancing flexibility, experiencing deep relaxation and improving overall well-being.  You will incorporate the fundamentals of effortless, flowing transitions between postures, and learn how to maintain proper body alignment and apply energy balance through and Thai energy lines.  Study areas:

  • The four foundations of Thai yoga massage (awareness, body mechanics, movement, and massage techniques using hands, knees, feet, and elbows)
  • Effortless transitions between postures
  • An introduction to contraindications and safety
  • Care for the client and therapist before, during, and after the massage
  • Massage for shoulders, head, back, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and feet.

Pre-Requisites: None

Cost: Full $700 – Earlybird $650 – Earlybird Bundling with Level 2 $1,250 (save $150)

for upcoming Level 1 courses see our Events Page

Thai Yoga Massage Level 2

In this second level of the Essential Certification you will begin with a complete review of all techniques taught in Level I, in addition you will learn:

  • 90 additional minutes of massage techniques, including side-lying postures
  • Expanded Thai energy lines
  • How to customize massages to accommodate common ailments and people of different sizes and flexibilities.

Pre-Requisites: Completion of Thai Yoga Massage Level 1

Costs: Full $700 – Earlybird $650 – Earlybird Essential Certification Bundle (Level 1-2) $1,250 (Save $150!)

for upcoming Level 2 courses see our Events Page

Essential Certification awarded upon completion of Levels 1 & 2


Continuing Education Training

Ayurveda & Thai Yoga Massage

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system and sister science to yoga. This course bridges Thai Yoga Massage with its historical roots in Ayurveda and students learn practical methods of applying Ayurvedic knowledge to deepen the therapeutic quality of their practice. In this course you will learn:
• The fundamental concepts of Ayurveda history, philosophy and healing
• To determine an individual’s Ayurvedic constitution
• How to bring energy movement into Thai Yoga Massage
• How to create a customized 2-session Thai Yoga Massage wellness program incorporating massage sequencing, as well as nutritional, lifestyle and yoga recommendations according to a person’s body-type.

Pre-Requisites: completion of Essential Certification or equivalent (bridging program available for graduates of other Thai Massage schools)

Cost: Full $750 – Earlybird $700

for upcoming courses see our events page

Intermediate Training – Twists and Knees

This 3-day course teaches 60 minutes of new Thai Yoga Massage techniques which you can customize according to a person’s body-type. This program focusses on new twisting stretches, and how to incorporate use of knees as a massage technique.

Pre-requisites: completion of Essential Level Certification

Cost: Full $450 – Earlybird $405   

for upcoming courses see our events page

Intermediate Training – Marmas and Massage

This 3-day course teaches 60 minutes of new Thai Yoga Massage techniques which you can customize according to a person’s body type. This program focusses on learning how to identify and massage 18 marma points (vital energy points) & their healing properties.
Pre-requisites: completion of Essential Level Certification

Pre-Requisites: completion of Levels 1 & 2

Cost: Full $450 – Earlybird $405

for upcoming courses see our events page

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Frequently Asked Questions

To Bring:

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing; preferably long pants and a t-shirt.  Bring note-taking materials, water bottle, lunch/snack.

Who Can Take This Course?

Anyone can take the Taster and Level 1 Practitioner Training programs; they are great skills to share with family, friends, yoga students or clients.  Levels 2-4 are available to those who have completed the Level I Practitioner Training program.  These courses are ideal for yoga teachers, fitness professionals and massage practitioners wanting to diversify their services, but also are open and accessible to anyone who wishes to share the power of touch.  Some Continuing Education programs are available to graduates of other Thai Yoga Massage schools – please ask us about our bridging program.

Can I Get Insurance to Practice?

If you are already insured as a yoga teacher or body worker, the process is simple and usually no additional cost to add Thai Yoga Massage to your policy. For instance in the case of OAMPS, Thai Yoga Massage is a recognized modality and adding this to your policy is free.  Check with your insurance provider for more information.  If you are not currently registered/insured, check out membership bodies like to see if you qualify.

Can I Use This Course to attain CPD or CEC points?

Check with your governing body, but in the case of the Yoga Australia you can use this course to attain CPD points and even upgrade your membership from Provisional to Full and beyond.  Please check with your governing body to ensure that this course is aligned with their guidelines.  For more information on Yoga Australia CPDs and Membership Upgrades visit the Yoga Australia Website

Can I Practice Professionally After Taking These Courses?

Absolutely.  If you are already a certified massage, yoga or fitness professional you can practice after taking Level I, providing your insurance provider has a cover for Thai Massage.  If you do not have prior training, you will need to increase your knowledge and training level through further levels of Thai Yoga Massage, Yoga Teacher Training, or Massage Training.  Check out the local governing bodies in your area for training requirements.  In Australia, the professional organizations include IICT, ATMS, MAA, AAMT, and Yoga Australia.

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