Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers, Fitness Instructors, Pilates more

We estimate the study, practice, and practice teaching will take about 30 more

  • 85-page Trinity Core Yoga Workbook
  • 75 minute Trinity Core Yoga Live Class video
  • Trinity Core Yoga Pose by Pose video (40 techniques)
  • Documented Practice Teaching Forms
  • Multiple Choice Assessment more

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If you are already a registered Yoga, Pilates or Fitness professional yes you can teach right away under your current professional cover. If you do not carry certification as a yoga or fitness professional, you will require a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga study or your Certificate 3 in Fitness before you can teach professionally. For details on current standards visit your more

You are welcome to teach this sequence as it is instructed in the course, or blend the movements into any mind/body class, private training session, or yoga therapy session. There are no rules about how you can use this program, no ‘set choreography’, and we welcome you to use your knowledge, experience, and creativity with Core Yoga to create amazing classes for your more

No, there are no licensing fees, no ongoing costs, and no certification renewals required for this more