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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Adapted Online Training 2020

March 28, 2020 @ 8:00 am - April 8, 2020 @ 5:00 pm


Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2020

Adapted Online Yoga Teacher Training

Study, practice and learn to teach Vinyasa Flow


Due to social distancing guidelines re:the coronavirus, our Adelaide teacher training has been adapted to an online program.  This past week we have been busy putting plans in place to move this module of training online and will be doing our utmost to make this as comprehensive, connected, and creative a learning experience as you would have if we were face to face. 

This includes:

– live video conferencing so we can see and hear each other in real time while we study

– recorded sessions if you miss a workshop, or want to go back and review

– additional mentoring sessions

– audio lectures that you can take with you to listen anywhere

– practical assignments that you can work on alone, with friends or family, or with a ‘study buddy’ from the course 

– and, the added bonus of learning to teach yoga online (which looks to be a strong trend for the future!)

Ideally, I would like to try to maintain a few hours of video conferencing or other study from 8-12am Mar 28-Apr 8.  However, I also understand that with upcoming school closures and other big changes to our daily lives, you may not be able to join us for live workshops, so every session will be recorded and available for download, and an ongoing discussion will happen in an accessible document so you can ask questions, read others’ questions, and get ongoing support as you study.

I look forward to this being a collaborative process that makes the program accessible, flexible, and successful for all.

Note: Yoga Alliance has confirmed with us that this change will still allow you to register as a Registered Yoga Teacher.  We await advice from Yoga Australia.


  1. What do we do with software, internet access etc? We’ll all be learning about new online study tools together, and we’ll have the help of our host Monique and my assistant Sarah all the way.
  2. What will the new schedule look like? Ideally we will try to stick to the 12 days of study as much as possible, so you can complete your certificate at the time you originally planned.  You won’t have to watch 9 hours of video/conferencing though.  There will be some conferencing, some audio, some reading, and some practical exercises that you can do on your own, via video with a study buddy from the course, or you can join together with a few other teacher trainees to work together face to face
  3. Can we get hard copies of materials?  Yes, Monday Mar 23 Sarah will be posting out manuals, DVDs, anatomy charts, and flow charts to everyone who is continuing with us
  4. What if we have internet/zoom problems?  Currently we are working on all options, including live video conferencing, recording sessions and adding a forum function so we can discuss, and, worst case scenario, should internet go down or be spotty, Sarah will post thumb drives of all material to those who are having connectivity issues. 
  5. Can we use the venue if we want to work with a study group?  I’m afraid not, but you are welcome to join with a small group of students at someone’s home who has reliable wifi.  We can work to help you with organize study buddies/study groups.
  6. I learn best in an interactive classroom environment, how will this work?  I understand completely – we will aim to make this as interactive as possible through video conferencing with Zoom where we can see/hear each other.  As well, for your group work we are organizing study buddies with fellow teacher trainees and graduates who are keen to help. This can happen by phone, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype or in person if you are nearby another trainee or graduate.
  7. I’m concerned I will lose discipline, connection with and fail to deepen my learning experience, without a component completed in person and with group interaction and shared reflections and discussion.  That’s definitely a concern, especially given things are very distracting right now! We’re trying to actually stick to the schedule originally planned, but also recording all sessions in case we lose connectivity.  You’ll be able to log your guided practices every day using the video or audio already in your dropbox, and I’ll guide you in what to read, what exercises you can do etc., should there be any dropouts in service.  And, worst case scenario Sarah can be express posting  you thumb drives of all recorded materials so you’ll only be a day behind.
  8. How will I get feedback/support on my own practice?  You will have a few opportunities, including working face to face with a study buddy or a graduate if accessible, or we can work privately together over video chat to support your practice.  We’ll have some extra mentoring sessions just me and you so we can address any concerns you have over poses, and do a private session together as well. 
  9. Can we work over the same dates as originally planned?  Yes, that’s the plan!  I’ll be releasing another google doc shortly with the study plan, including planned media and approximate timings
  10. I’m worried about not having sufficient internet connectivity  We’ll do a bit of audio which is much easier to download, and as I said above you’ll be able to download or receive a thumb drive ASAP if video conferencing doesn’t work on your end. 
  11. Once COVID19 restrictions are reduced again,  is it possible that we can reschedule?  Yes – we’ve set dates for Mar 20-31 2021 – even if you have finished your certificate by then, you are most welcome to join us for some or all of that course to get in all the face to face stuff if you feel you’ve missed out. 
  12. Can I work at my own pace rather than fit it all into the 12 days?  Absolutely.  All sessions will be recorded, you’ll have details on all practical exercises etc., so you are most welcome to work at your own pace. 

This 300-hour program is designed to immerse you in your yoga practice and maximize your opportunity for growth, wellbeing, education, and support as you embark on the journey to become a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Module 1: Mar 28-Apr 2, 2020

Module 2: Apr 3-Apr 8, 2020

Online Study Module: Start Anytime!


Module 1 6-Days

  • Daily Vinyasa Flow Guided Practice
  • Discussions and workshops include: Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Teaching Skills, Making Yoga Accessible
  • Movement Labs and Practicum include: Pose by Pose study of the full Vinyasa Flow sequence, Yoga Pose Labs on modifications, variations, regression and progressions
  • Practice teaching each pose, and each pose flow


Module 2 6-Days

  • Daily Vinyasa Flow Guided Practice
  • Discussions and workshops include: Where is Yoga At, Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow, Sequencing and Theming, The Yoga of the Mind, Yoga Lifestyle and Ethics, The Role of the Teacher
  • Movement Labs and Practicum include: Anatomy and Movement Labs, Props, Tools, and Alignment Labs, Chakras through sound, movement, and meditation
  • Practice teaching Vinyasa Flow


Online Study, Begin Upon Registration

  • Personal Practice Log
  • Observing Yoga Classes
  • Yoga Philosophy in Daily Life Online Study
  • Reading & Writing Assignments
  • Business Basics Online Study
  • Anatomy Basics Online Study
  • Ayurveda Basics
  • Energetic Anatomy Basics
  • Mind Body Meditation Online Study
  • Asana Study
  • Practice Teaching
  • Private Mentoring, 4 one-to-one sessions
  • Plus, participation in ongoing teacher’s forums on philosophy, anatomy, and teaching skills

Course Fees

Full: $4,000

Payment plans Available

For full program details please visit our Teacher Training page

Learn more about the facilitator, Heather Agnew

Learn more about studying with Yoga Trinity

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Learn more about our host, Synergy Yoga & Pilates 



March 28, 2020 @ 8:00 am
April 8, 2020 @ 5:00 pm
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