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Exploring Energetic Anatomy

June 2, 2013 @ 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This 5-hour workshop will focus on your subtle body and the connection between your nervous system, endocrine system, and chakra system.  Areas of study include the 3 bodies, 5 sheaths, 7 chakras, 3 primary nadis, 5 vayus, nervous system and endocrine system and how yoga impacts and benefits these primary systems of the physical, mental, and spiritual body.

In this experiential continuing education program you will explore through discussion, movement, sound, and meditation, and learn how to integrate and explore the subtle body in your practice and daily life.

Areas of Study

1) Our Energetic Beginnings

2) 3 Bodies and 5 Sheaths

3) 7 Chakras

4) 3 Primary Nadis

4) 5 Vayus

5) The Nervous System

6) The Endocrine System

7) Exploration and Integration in practice and daily life.

Open to yoga practitioners, teachers, and anyone interested in exploring their subtle body.

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